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Guest Name
Harold Egeln
Guest Occupation
UFO Experiencer, Environmentalist, Peace Activist, Reporter, S.P.A.C.E. Founder, Journalist, Writer Columnist, Media Advisor, Speaker
Guest Biography

Harold Egeln, a veteran New York City UFO experiencer, environmentalist, peace activist and reporter for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Egeln is founder and facilitator of the Search Project for Aspects of Close Encounters (S.P.A.C.E.), a group established in the Big Apple in 1992 to assist UFO abductees in the tri-state metropolitan area overcome their fears by sharing their experiences with one another. Since 2006, Egeln has been a coordinator of the National Space Society’s New York City chapter, promoting space exploration and space travel.

A professional journalist for 28 years, Egeln worked on the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s newspaper and on several community weeklies and was also an environmental columnist for a Manhattan newspaper.

Egeln once served as a media advisor to a New York City Councilman and in the 1980s worked as executive director of the city office of a major national nonprofit peace organization, now known as Peace Action.