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Gianna Miceli
Gianna Miceli
Guest Occupation
Cutural Expert, Commentator
Guest Biography

Gianna Miceli is an expert cultural and lawful rights commentator always exposing the LAWFUL angle of situations, and the author of the book, Free-Dumb, The Patriot's Playbook To Restoring Your Rights And Freedom available only on her website due to cancel culture.

Baffled by the amount of people who so easily masked their faces, closed their businesses, and took a jab because the government said so, Gianna began studying the difference between rules, codes, and statutes during the pandemic which are not laws.

What happened to our Constitutional rights?

There's not a college you can attend to gain this knowledge, and the common law is not taught in law school. One has to study Supreme Court rulings in addition to a lot of trial and error to fully grasp the power "of the people".

Gianna has been studying this since the inception of the pandemic which has made her a self taught Constitutional rights and common law expert.

Her weekly online program, the Inalienable Show, exclusively on Rumble, is co-hosted by Scott Bernard, a law school graduate who chose not to join the BAR, but instead, had his eyes opened wide by the difference between statutory law and common law.

When she met Scott who has expertise In Corporate Commercial Law, Uniform Commercial Code, and Domestic Banking Law, she began studying under him and his unique knowledge, and just like Scott, she learned that she had already been living "in the private" for over 25 years.

Together they crafted an online membership, called the Inalienable University where they teach people that their rights are INALIENABLE, and how to exercise them in their daily lives.

They teach how to acquire the lens at which to decipher the fraud and deception of government contracts such as the driver's license, state registration, and recording your private property with the county, thus putting you "in the public".

It’s no accident that civics is rarely taught in school because free people are a danger to the government's out of control spending. 99.9% of people have never ever been taught how to exercise their rights and freedoms and unfortunately, blindly follow orders.

Gianna and Scott's curriculum will change the way you walk in the world.

Gianna has attended media training at the Television News Center in Washington DC, Media Matters in NYC, Patricia Stark private training, and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

She is a former co-host of the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius Radio.