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Guest Name
George Foreman Jr
Guest Occupation
Boxing Promoter & Entrepreneur
Guest Biography

Through growing up in the world of sports, direct marketing, and retail sales, George Foreman Jr. has developed an extensive working knowledge of these industries, along with strong relationships with the key players of each respective industry by way of the overarching presence of his mentor and father George Foreman. Marketing consumer products was a natural for the Foreman family and George Jr. continues to operate in this arena.

George Foreman, Jr., has served as Senior Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of the Foreman Enterprises, Inc. since 2005. Prior to joining George Foreman Enterprises, Inc., Mr. Foreman worked as a senior marketing executive for Salton, Inc. (George Foreman Grill). Mr. Foreman earned a Masters degree from Louisiana State University.

Family Foreman
Negotiated and partnered with Newline TV to executive produce an original family reality show based on the busy life of George Foreman, Sr. The show documents the pressures of George Foreman III managing 10 business, and his father (George Foreman Sr.). It also focuses on George Sr. raising 10 kids, while being king of the grills, but still not king of his house. The show was packaged and sold to TV Land for its first season. George Jr, wrote and co-wrote six of nine episodes.

American Inventor
Served as executive producers on ABC’s summer hit show “American Inventor” in 2007. American Inventor is a reality television series based on a search for America's best inventor. It was conceived by UK entrepreneur Peter Jones, who appears on the British version of the somewhat similar program Dragons' Den. It is produced by Jones alongside Simon Cowell, the Foreman's and the producers of American Idol. Airing on ABC, it premiered on March 16, 2006. On March 20, 2008.

Structured a four-book deal with Thomas Nelson Publishers on behalf of George Foreman, Sr. Title’s released under this deal: God In My Corner, Going the Extra Smile, The Knockout Entrepreneur, and Fatherhood by George Foreman.

The Learning Annex
(2005-07) Negotiated multi-year speaking engagement deal with The Learning Annex to headline along with Donald Trump.
(2007) Structured license/joint venture with Learning Annex to market a “Get out of Debt” program.”

Peter Lowe’s Get Motivated
(2002-2008) Negotiated multi-year contracts with Peter Lowe’s Get Motivated on behalf of George Foreman, Sr.

Instride by George Foreman
JV with Instride footwear to produce prescription shoes for people suffering primarily from diabetes and other diseases associated with poor circulation, in order to lower the amount of amputations performed in the US every year. The products are sold to consumers at no cost to them, as they are covered under major insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid. The venture launched in November of 2007 and is rolling out slowly from retailer to retailer as they streamline the process of fittings to fit the structure of different pharmacies.

George Foreman’s Life Shake (Joint-venture with Vitaquest)
"Life Shake” is an advanced complete nutraceutical product formulated by our partner, Vitaquest through George Foreman Enterprises, and their leading chemists in conjunction with George Foreman. The shake provides a comprehensive dietary supplement that can help improve health, wellness and overall energy while also helping to fight off various diseases and boosting overall immunity. The "Life Shake," includes a comprehensive weight loss program called "SHAKE OFF THE POUNDS," and as of January 2008 is being marketed to consumers through direct response television. Currently the "Life Shake" is in GNC stores and in the process of a retail roll out in national retailers through Vitaquest’s subsidiary, Windmill Health Products, a distributor to over 30,000 retailers.

Ufood Grill
Negotiated an equity stake in a start up franchise called UFood Grill (previously named Knowfat) started by George Naddaff, (founder of Boston Chicken) in return for the services of George Foreman as a spokesperson. Ufood is a concept centered on carefully crafted recipes that taste good and are good for you. 

Casual Male
Structured a 3 year licensing deal with Casual Male Big & Tall stores with a royalty on all goods manufactured for sale, endorsement fees for George Foreman’s time as a spokesperson, and stock options to participate in the upside of the public entity (CMRG). Share price increased 7 fold and sales increased by over 30%. In just under 3 years the brand sold over 300 million at retail while at the same time driving up the vast majority of same store sales for 3 years in a row.

Green: George Foreman Household Cleaning Products
2008 Started a company in partnership with Greystone Brands and (Leon Dreimann previously CEO of Salton, and Foreman Grill) to market environmentally safe cleaning products: Multi-Purpose, Glass, Stain Remover, and Automotive (wheels, body, interior).

George Foreman Cleaning Solutions are available at:
Canadian Tire

Family Dollar
Dollar General (since May 2009)
Safeway (select Houston stores)
QVC (Grills & More Concentrate Pack-Up only)

IMG-Foreman Direct Response Production (President) 2012-Present

IMG Media has teamed up with George Foreman Jr. to launch IMG-Foreman DRP, an infomercial business with a focus on sports marketing.

The new business will select and source products that are viable for sale through direct response channels and produce infomercials and testimonials for those products. IMG-Foreman DRP will also distribute or facilitate distribution of docummercials and testimonials through television platforms and other digital and interactive media.

IMG-Foreman DRP will capitalize on the strengths and resources of both IMG Media and Foreman. IMG’s unparalleled sports client base will provide a unique pool of potential sports celebrity endorsers, while IMG’s experienced and skilled production team, led by Steve Mayer, Senior Vice President of Production at IMG, will lend its services to the creative development and production of the infomercials. IMG’s existing infrastructure and long-standing relationships with television networks and media buyers will greatly facilitate distribution.

About IMG:

IMG Media is the world's largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming, and is a division of IMG Worldwide, a global sports, entertainment and media business, with nearly 3,000 employees operating in 30 countries around the globe.