Guest, Frank Cuny

Guest Name: 
Frank Cuny
Frank Cuny
Guest Occupation: 
Executive Director of California Citizens for Health Freedom
Guest Biography: 

Frank Cuny is the Executive Director of California Citizens for Health Freedom.

He works tirelessly as a legislative advocate for the state of California. This is a volunteer position with great responsibility to the people of California. I interviewed Frank because California is one of the states that is most restrictive in healthcare legislation. It is people like Frank that have the ability and know how to turn the tide in the people’s favor when it comes to new and unrestricted choice in healthcare.

You can help with donating time to this worthy group. What is more important than having the ability and knowledge to maintain good health? If you don’t have your health, does nothing else truly matter? If you are retired, independently wealthy or maybe convalescing form a health condition yourself and desire to contribute as a volunteer to this group in helping in the legislative process you will gain much personal satisfaction in knowing that your time is well spent. Even educating yourself on the law and disseminating this information to others or groups will help to better the law. It is in collaboration that we can attain the highest good for all.

California Citizens for Health Freedom is a 501(c)(4) tax deductible charitable organization with the ability to lobby for change. If you have the financial ability to help this group to make positive changes for the state of California please contact Frank. Frank can be reached at: 530-533-3264.

It is said that if you don’t have good health than what do you have in life?