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Guest Name
Ellias Lonsdale
Ellias Lonsdale
Guest Occupation
Renouned Master Astrologer, Shepherd of Star Wisdom, Aquarian Sage, Visionary & Wizard, Soul Whisperer, and Author to the world
Guest Biography

Renouned Master Astrologer, Shepherd of Star Wisdom, Aquarian Sage, Visionary & Wizard, Soul Whisperer,  and Author to the world.

Star Genesis has evolved out of a life long quest of William Lonsdale. The 1960’s gave vivid experience of an alternative culture that couldn’t be held back any longer. As it broke out all over, William rode this wave into breakaway groups on fire with the desperate edge of the times. Astrology soon gave its cosmic coordinates to this wild destiny journey to awaken inside a future world.

We were looking for the Age of Aquaria. As we pressed toward the new age, we realized we were traveling through the last strands of an old time. Astrology led William deep and far. The deep was into star magic moving under and through my being. The far was into all the spiritual and esoteric movements emerging in the 1970’s. Hitching to communes on the west coast, learning spiritual scientific disciplines in the New York area, and aligning with evolutionary currents was the path marked by the Living Spirit.

Eventually Sara came along. She was hungry for the very material William was immersed in. When William and Sara joined forces in the Sana Cruz Mountains it really felt like home. Friends gathered; the star work flourshied. We were reviving our spirits and wondering if we could do something much bigger than this.

Tragedy would be the test and the doorway. Sara developed breast cancer and could not shake it. She plunged into a do or die self-quickening of facing her karma and freeing her soul. William was with her all the way. After two years the cancer spread. Everybody gathered. Sara gifted us all with her spirit of regeneration. Her death was not the end. It was a sparkling new beginning. Sara became Theanna through death with further names and phases to follow.

William became Ellias.