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Peace & Harmony Co. Owner. And an author, speaker, coach, emcee, and entrepreneur
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Today's show features two powerful guests:

Co-Owner of Peace and Harmony Company, Eli Adelson built the company up to a high six-figure business while traveling the world, living abroad in Europe and Asia, and finishing a degree from UMass while in Thailand. While not everything works out perfectly, he lives a life most people dream of. Now he’s passionately helping others live in “flow” so they experience more synchronicity, more success, more joy, more often, in both business and life.

James Robilotta who is an author, speaker, coach, emcee, and entrepreneur.  His write the book, Leading Imperfectly and speaks internationally about authentic leadership, vulnerability, and storytelling. His clients include AMEX, GE, and many others.  He is also a life coach and hosts his own event called “Living Imperfectly Live.”  His goal is to help attendees start living the life we say we want to live: