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Dr Michael Gross
Dr. Michael Gross: Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Author, In-Demand Speaker, & Multi-Dimensional Healer
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Spiritual coach, life coach, multi-dimensional healer, In-Demand Speaker
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DR. MICHAEL GROSS is an author, professional keynote speaker, transformational coach, and entrepreneur. His highly sought-after book is titled The Spiritual Primer: Reconnecting to God to Experience Your True Source's Love, Joy, and Happiness. For more than three decades, he has been on a spiritual path as an intuitive, healer, spiritual counselor and teacher. Through the guidance of spirit, Michael has assisted thousands of others in their personal quest for self-empowerment, helping them to create the lives they have long sought and to bring forth their intuitive abilities. Michael currently teaches classes in spirituality, self-empowerment, Reiki, and other modalities. In concert with God, The True Source, he has also achieved great success and miracle healings. He remains humble, knowing the work he does all comes from God, The True Source. For more information or to schedule a complimentary session, text him directly at 253-222-1096 and be sure to include your name and time zone.

Dr. Michael Gross

Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, Author, In-demand Speaker, Multi-dimensional Healer
cell. 253-222-1096
office. 253-859-5639
Join us every Tuesday, 6:30 pm PST, for our COMPLIMENTARY  Consciousness Expansion Call  where you will be able to ask questions about,  "What is my life purpose?" "Why am I here?"  "Did I know my spouse and children in a past lifetime? " and other similarly related question. No subject is off the table!  Call this number 515-604-9097 access code 125446 #.
Dr. Michael Gross is a professional keynote speaker, transformational coach, entrepreneur, author of “The Spiritual Primer, Applying the 12 Spiritual Laws to Reawaken Your Soul, Reconnecting to God to Experience Your True Sources’ Love, Joy, and Happiness” which is available on Amazon.
For over 30 years Dr. Michael Gross has been a spiritual teacher/coach, life coach and multi-dimensional healer; as a multi-dimensional healer Dr. Michael Gross works with your soul, over soul, Light body, energetic body, cellular body, sub/unconsciousness mind, life force energy, emotional and mental bodies. He also works with each individual soul level retrieving fragmented parts of your soul as well as a past life regressionist. As an intuitive, he helps you to understand the future as well as things that have occurred in the past that are affecting you currently. Dr. Michael Gross’ workshops include reconnecting to God The True Source, multidimensional healing and enlightenment. His vast store of knowledge includes positive affirmations and spiritual techniques that positively affect your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, family work, and life path to achieve your life that you are meant to have not that you are currently living in.  He has been an international intuitive consultant for corporations traveling over half the world. His clients are those in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and other countries. Dr. Michael Gross has been on international radio shows the past. His website is and email After this show he is offering a complimentary 10-minute complimentary consultation where you can leave a message. He can be reached on his private cell at: 253-222-1096.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Gerontology

Masters of Science in Human Services and Gerontology

Doctorates of Alternative Healing

Certified Professional Hypnotherapist


University of Washington, Certified Professional Guardian

King County Bar Association, Guardian Ad Litem

Thought Field Therapist

Time Line Therapist

Reiki Master Teacher
Dr. Michael Gross’s mantra is “YOU ARE UNLIMITED!”