Guest, Dr Marc Legere

Guest Name: 
Dr Marc Legere
Dr. Marc Legere
Guest Occupation: 
Chiropractic Physician, On Air guest, Author & Neuromuscular Specialist for Pro & Olympic athletes.
Guest Biography: 

Dr. Marc Legere is recognized as a worldwide leader in athletic and neuromuscular injury prevention and repair. Dr. Legere has studied alongside pioneer physicians with a variety of medical specialties through which he developed a truly unique diagnosis and treatment program. This one of a kind method allows his patients, who are comprised of NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, European Premier League soccer, Olympic and collegiate athletes, and those simply looking to maximize performance, to recover in a significantly expedited manner.

By utilizing his proprietary treatment methods, Dr. Legere is able to provide his patients with immediate and long lasting results. Rather than simply focusing on the presenting physical symptoms, he determines the principal cause of the problem, which often times goes undiagnosed.

Dr. Legere recognizes that in some cases a patient may need a more invasive treatment method. In those instances, he has strong working relationships with the top surgeons for each potential physical injury. By working in conjunction with prominent medical professionals, Dr. Legere is able to provide his patients with a truly multi-disciplinary approach to physical health.