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Guest Name
Dr Dan OBrien
Guest Occupation
Medical Futurist, Businessperson, Public Health Expert & National Media Commentator
Guest Biography

Dr. Dan O’Brien, MD/MBA, PhD is a physician, public health expert and business-savvy consultant. He is a trusted advisor to both established and emerging companies. His unique perspectives and solutions are based on his training as a doctor, businessperson and public health expert. Business leaders look to Dr. Dan as a “next generation” health and business expert and make critical decisions based on his insights and perspectives.

Organizations face complex issues as they navigate both the healthcare system and business challenges. Dr. Dan brings cutting edge experience in research, academic teaching, scientific writing, new product launch, medical presentations and clinical work. What makes Dr. Dan different is his ability to evaluate critical issues and devise solutions using both a medical and business mindset. Executives are able to leverage his multi-dimensional expertise to make the right choices, solve problems quickly and deliver the best outcomes.

Dr. Dan guides organizations in developing core business strategies, market access, creating roadmaps to raise capital and navigate FDA approval processes, and conducting scientific research. Leveraging new technologies — including AI, genetic engineering and virtual monitoring — gets particular focus. With Dr. Dan’s guidance, business leaders increase speed to market, avoid unnecessary and costly delays and establish marketplace advantage.

A skilled national media commentator, Dr. Dan’s relaxed communication style reflects his no-nonsense, straight-talking Midwestern upbringing.