Guest, Diane Halfman

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Diane Halfman
Diane Halfman
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Consultant, Trainer, Podcaster
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It was never Diane Halfman’s plan to walk the streets and become a prostitute, yet alone get involved with vicious gangs and narcotics, but her life choices put her in grave circumstances. Danger became a way of life for Diane forcing her to carry a gun in her hand every day for 10 years.  You see, Diane Halfman was an undercover cop for the San Diego Police department. Her job was to infiltrate the gangs and prostitutes, bust the John’s, bring ’em down and clean up the streets.

Diane understands fear and survival instincts—she lived them, and knows what it takes to find your grit, perseverance and power to push through any challenge. After being medically retired from the police department as a result of a training accident, Diane took her years of experience along with her Master’s in Human Resources Management and Certification as an Ultimate Game of Life Coach to pioneer the creation of her own company called SPALife.  SPA is an acronym for Seek Power Always. Her podcast, “Live Your SPALife” is a call to action for all women to define and create the life they truly want.

As the RESET Specialist Diane Halfman travels the country speaking, consulting, conducting workshops and seminars dedicated to helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders move from a life of emergency to emergence. Diane possesses a unique set of skills and life experiences that allow her to coach, guide and demonstrate the very techniques she used to RESET her own life and those of countless others. Her passion is to teach women how to be their own COP - walking in the world with more Confidence, Optimism and Power.

5 key insights:

  1. Recognize what’s draining your power. 
  2. Evaluate what’s your next most powerful step. 
  3. System - use a simple 1 - 3 step plan. 
  4. Experience being in the zone. 
  5. Track and maintain your power habits.

"I utilize my past undercover police work to help women move through crisis, manage boundaries, and not second-guess themselves."

Take my 4 minute Life Reset Quiz so you can see exactly where you stand in the key areas of your life and start to make those small, yet significant shifts to reduce the physical and mental clutter in your life while accessing your inner power by creating your SPALife: Seek Power Always!

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