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Guest Name
Diana Luppi
Guest Occupation
Writer, Author of ET:101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual, Satirist, Cosmic Humorist
Guest Biography

Diana Luppi wrote the underground sensation, ET:101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual, over 25 years ago.  It has created an enormous ripple over the years, and is now making an international "comeback".  Translations in many languages are being prepared, as the "new wave" hits the shores.  

The first time I read it, I could hardly believe what I was reading - was it a "tongue-in-cheek" quasi-satiric poke at the human condition, from the viewpoint of our "Cosmic Family", who were reassuring us that they are here for us?  Those who have read it know the exquisite feeling of recognition and relief, knowing that in this whacked out, crazy hologram, there are others of like frequency, "out there"... you and I are not really crazy - or alone.  Funny, bordering on hilarious, this treasure of a read is always fresh and always enlightening!  

A vast Inter-Galactic Family knows what's happening here, and lets us know that the old paradigms are truly on their way out - for good!