Guest, Detra Carter-Wilson

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Detra Carter-Wilson
Certified Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Teacher
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Speaker, Teacher and There’s More in You: How to Get Through It
Guest Biography: 

Detra Carter-Wilson overcame the obstacles of coming from a low-income, single-parent family, and becoming a teenage parent. Her history of trauma and drama led her to found “More in You Coaching” designed to help people let go of their fears and pursue their purpose.

Detra is a certified life coach, author, and educator. She is also the owner of More in You Coaching, a social enterprise dedicated to helping youth reach their potential using a holistic approach. Detra has a bachelor’s degree in English,a master's degree in Nonprofit Management & Leadership and a master’s degree in education. She received a life coaching diploma and a Christian life coaching certification from New Life Coach, Inc. In addition, she has obtained a life coaching certification from the University of NLP. 
Throughout the years, Detra has gained experience in the field of human services and education. She has incorporated her experience as an educator and facilitator into her coaching work, which assists people with stress management, problem-solving, decision making, goal setting, vocational rehabilitation, career readiness, and confidence-building. Throughout her career, Detra has developed a passion for helping people with challenging circumstances achieve goals despite obstacles through spiritual and personal development education, life coaching, career coaching, and career advising. 
She grew up in Springfield, Ohio where she developed a hunger for helping people to discover their potential. Due to her own struggles with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, she became determined to help others discover their worth. Throughout her own process of growth and development, Detra learned how to overcome obstacles such as being a teenage mother that led to a challenging marriage which ended in divorce. Nonetheless, the grief from her obstacles led her to God, who defined her purpose to help others through their process of growth and development. Because of her own personal struggles and revelation from God, Detra believes that there is unlimited potential in each and every person on earth.  
Detra is passionate about sharing her life experiences with others through writing. Over the years, she has co-founded a church newsletter and assisted with the launch of the church magazine. In 2009, she became an expert exine writer for the articles, “7 Ways to Success,” and “Believe in Yourself.” As a Relationship Advice Examiner she published, “7 Way to Get Over It,” “Loving with a Broken Heart,” 7 Principles of Love,” “What a Man Wants,” “Do You Know What You Want,” and “It’s More Than a Game.” She has self-published her first book, There’s More in You: How to Get Through It. 
There’s More in You: How to Get Through It