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Guest Name
Debby West
Guest Occupation
Space and Universe Life Research
Guest Biography

Debbie West hosts an internet show on Revolution Radio called Lost Knowledge. Her show deals with topics about the importance of extraterrestrial disclosure and our expanded consciousness. She said New Hampshire is an important state when it comes to UFO history.

"The most widely ever written about UFO case Betty and Barney Hill happened right near Conway, NH" said West.  "And more people now than ever report UFO connections from everywhere, yet we remain a country cemented in time since the crash at Roswell and the cover up. Why?"

“Scientists today that I have interviewed including astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the moon, insist that we need to examine our physics to understand the UFO phenomenon because space/time is not linear and there are many dimensions.”

Debby is hoping that Hillary Clinton meant what she said and, if elected, will end the truth embargo and disclose the UFO information that keeps us cut off from the Universe and each other.