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Guest Name
Dan Winter
Guest Occupation
Systems Analyst, Sacred Geometry Expert, Inventor, Lecturer, Consciousness Explorer, Consultant
Guest Biography

Dan Winter is an electrical engineer, trained as a systems analyst with IBM. He has a global reputation after 30 years of world tours teaching sacred geometry, biofeedback, physics of consciousness, science of heart coherence and bio-architecture. His web site is which has many videos with computer graphics and links to his many other websites that go into the deep science of fractal coherence. Dan is the world’s leading pioneer of heart coherence science at the heart of quantum science, holistic healing advances, and the future of interactive global TeLeComm, emphasizing 'TLC' for coherence. Those who know Dan Winter and follow his international lectures and scientific breakthroughs realize that he is a unique genius who speaks an advanced science language that attempts to wrap your head around coherent applications for practical everyday use. For example, Dan has developed a $19.99 app for the i-phone that brings heart coherence into the conversation, a great biofeedback tool for personal or business relationships.