Guest, Colleen Thomas

Guest Name: 
Colleen Thomas
Colleen Thomas, Life Harship Sufferer, Pleiadian Contactee and Kundalini Experiencer
Guest Occupation: 
Life Harship Sufferer, Pleiadian Contactee, Kundalini Experiencer
Guest Biography: 

Colleen was born into a large family in 1960. The family was plagued with mental illness and depraved individuals that preyed upon the young and the weak. Colleen is no stranger to evil and has been confronted with the dark ones, even to the point of attempts on her life. At the age of 14 the wild and virtually uncontrollable 8th grader was sent away to live with a sister in Russellville Arkansas, within a year the unsupervised wild girl was sexual active and then pregnant.

Never having attended High School and always being treated like she were defective in her mind because she was not intelligent "like men are," Colleen let education go and became a full-time mother of 5 children. Were it not for her personal ethics that pained inside her every time she claimed to have graduated high school in order to look good on a job application Colleen would likely still have an 8th grade education to this day. At the age of 32 Colleen took her GED and did so well she was talked into taking classes at the community college she had gone to for the test.

When the youngest of 5 children started attending school all day Colleen began a full-time Biological Sciences program at the University of NV Reno where Colleen earned her nursing degree. Over the course of her lifetime Colleen has shown unusual resilience and tolerance for others, even those channeling the dark toward her in frequently tormenting, even life threatening ways. A chaotic military life made for a very adjustable, pliable personality in Colleen that is tough as nails when times get hard but completely flexible with life and people otherwise.

It was always in Colleen's nature to stick up for the underdog even when it was her but especially when it was someone else. Colleen has always been very adventurous and daring, too much so at times getting into situations that could have cost her her life but close calls never detoured her from pressing herself even harder the next time. As a girl and young woman Colleen was very much like a strong and powerful man, at 105 pounds and 5ft 4in tall Colleen was like a toy poodle that chases after Great Dane's unaware of the size issue.

Colleen's tough reputation was tried time and again growing up moving from one school district to another more often than she can count, all of them always on the poor side of town where Colleen was not always in the majority race. Under such trying and often times dangerous gang conditions Colleen learned how to put fear into those who challenged her and how to be very diplomatic under fire, resorting to blows only as a last resort when attacked.

A lifetime of seemingly unrelenting hardships and hostility from the dark never killed Colleen's happy go lucky spirit, that is until her 28 year old daughter died unexpectedly 2 years ago. For the first time in her life Colleen had lost all will to live but lacked the will to die either, she was simply ambivalent and adrift. Three hostile marriages, persistent problems with money and 20 years in a Christian cult came crashing in all at once as the anguish of losing a child overtook her.

In the depths of despair a shift took place that caused Colleen to call everything she ever knew or believed into doubt, earlier this year that positionless place Colleen found herself in was finally jerked into a new reality through a kundalini awakening that cleared all her chakras at once on January 31st of this year. On Valentine's day of this year a Pleadian man, an 8 ft tall giant who is a gifted and talented astyrophysicist known throughout the galaxy melded minds with Colleen causing her to awaken knowing things about physics she had never learned before and had sudden clarity on all the quantum physical matters that had puzzled and eluded her understanding before.

For the last several weeks Colleen has become consciously aware of her telepathic connection to mother Earth, other planets and stars and the alien peace keeping forces that have the dark pinned down here on Earth. Colleen was given the all clear, that humanity was safe because the dark were on the run as they realize that the aliens that had simply observed their activity in the past had suddenly began engaging Vril ships and human nuclear weapons of war.

As a Pleiadian contactee Colleen will no doubt have a role to play in building the world of tomorrow where the humans are free from the dark spirited carnivorous sentient reptilians who have been feeding on human suffering for 10,000 years. Earth will be restored to her original purpose which is to serve as an oasis for star travelers to visit and enjoy in peace, a vacation destination of intergalactic fame.

Colleen has become a virtual overnight hit with the pop New Age culture and spiritual people who have always been open to the possibility of sentient life from other star systems. After launching her first speech on July 27th to the very public YouTube site to report on her new knowledge of physics and alien affairs Colleen has attained International attention and support. Over 60,000 people had tuned in to hear what Colleen had to say in just 8 weeks time, clearly her messages are as timely as they are beneficial to others.

Colleen has joined this service so she can earn a living as a world teacher of Pleiadian physics, spirituality and new forms of community based governance without the need for a central government that only served to enslave Americans and other nations to paying taxes with over half their invested energies from working to earn a living. A living need not be earned and the abundance of nature need not be sold, bartering will be the new currency of energy exchange in the future economy that replaces the one that collapsing now.