Guest, Cindy Carter

Guest Name: 
Cindy Carter
Cindy Carter
Guest Occupation: 
Spirit Consultant, Artist, Energy Healer
Guest Biography: 
Cindy Carter is an intuitive, energy healer, artist and spirit consultant who brings the consciousness of Quan Yin and Divine Angelics through sound, vibration and transmission. Cindy has been working since 2007 after experiencing a complete awakening to her Divine Truth. Through her tireless service she has been gifted the codes of immortality, resurrection and ascension. In 2011 she began bringing this information to the collective consciousness to uplift humanity. Her dispensations of wisdom from Solene and The Ancient One have been published by popular social media vlog sites, blogs around the internet as well as the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Cindy now offers Spiritual Consultations and Holographic Energy Sessions from her home base in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.