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Christina Winsey
Guest Biography

Like too many middle-class Americans, Rev Dr. Christina Winsey, from Sarasota, FL, has been put through the Foreclosure Ringer.  Her efforts to learn the law, and to hold the Courts Accountable to the Rule of Law, will be the subject of this week’s BBS show.  What she has learned will both shock and empower others caught in the same situation.  She will share the large network that gathered around her to help her handle herself as a Pro-Se Litigant when her Lawyer abruptly quit the minute she filed in OPPT-style paperwork. 

Rev. Dr. Chris is on a mission to facilitate healing and transformation on this Planet.  After 20 plus years practicing holistic medicine as a chiropractic physician and massage therapist, Dr. Chris became a certified addictionologist and non-denominational, non-religious ordained minister.

In 2003 she began professional coaching and mentoring clients to lose weight, increase confidence, conquer addictive and negative habits, manage stress and improve overall well-being. 

Dr. Chris’s coaching encompasses mind-body-spirit-emotions and practical life management. In long-term recovery from eating disorders herself, Dr. Chris’ mantra for her clients is “The only way ‘out’ is ‘through.’”

She is a keynote speaker and co-author of several books, including “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life,” with Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Byron Katie.

Dr. Chris lives in Florida with her two teenage sons, three dogs and two cats.