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Guest Name
Chris Tai Melodista
Guest Occupation
Martial Arts Master, MMA Competition Athlete, Author, and Founder of Radical Expansion
Guest Biography

Chris Tai Melodista was born in Paris in 1974 to his Vietnamese mother and French-Jewish adoptive father. He began his training in diverse styles of martial arts at the age of 6 and obtained his black belt in Japanese jiu-jitsu at 17. Chris competed in the first MMA competition in France and has since invested over 40 years in martial arts practice and more than 30 years in the discipline of personal development.

In his 20s, Chris traveled to Lhasa, Tibet, to deepen his practice in Buddhism at its source. During his stay, he had the opportunity to teach Kung Fu and Qi Gong to some of the monks. After almost a decade of working as a photographer in advertising and fashion for numerous high-end companies in Madrid, Chris moved to the U.S. in 2009, seeking to make more of an impact in the world.

Chris has achieved an impressive series of certifications, including life and love consciousness coaching with Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, NLP licensed master practitioner, clinical hypnosis, Pranayama and Qi Gong, Russian martial art Systema instructor, combatives instructor, and MovNat trainer level 1&2, as well as stick massage bodywork therapy. In 2014, Chris traveled to Poland to meet and study with Wim Hof and became the first person certified by Wim Hof, aka “The Iceman,” in the U.S. and France. He also mentored with Dan Brulé to further his style of breathwork.

Chris Tai is the founder of Radical Expansion, a company dedicated to performance coaching through breathwork, movement, and mindfulness. He created this company to teach the knowledge he had compiled throughout his lifetime. The simple and easy method he founded is now taught by coaches in Europe and the U.S. Over thousands of people and hundreds of seminars worldwide have benefited from this practice.

Chris considers himself an eternal student and continues to teach and encourage people to become the person they were searching for through practice and quality of choice.