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Guest Name
Chris Pan
Guest Occupation
Inspirational workshop facilitator, Singer, Inner peace connection and self care practitioner
Guest Biography


I was born in Taipei and moved to Cincinnati when I was 7, not speaking a word of English. I had a lonely childhood as I couldn’t communicate for 2 years and was bullied often as the only scrawny Asian kid in my class. The local Chinese church was my refuge and I discovered my love for group singing there, and I ended up learning guitar and leading weekly services.

After college, I focused on my career and stepped away from music until I was working at Facebook where I started a cover band with colleagues in 2009. It brought me so much joy.

After I left Facebook and went through a terrible break-up in 2013, I ended up at an intense personal growth retreat called the Hoffman Process where we surrendered our phones and immersed ourselves in 15-hours of deep inner work each day.

I played for the first time in decades and found myself releasing a lifetime of sadness, stress, and anxiety. I felt true joy for the first time ever. I felt for the first time. I had numbed most of my life as a way to protect myself.

On the last day, we were invited to set an intention for our next chapter. Mine was to bring this magical experience of connecting with our true selves to those who didn’t have a week and $5k. That was the vision for my next chapter – a safe space for inner work and connection, and make it fun and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

After the retreat, I was still in a world of pain. I would wake-up and karaoke for an hour to soothe. Songs like “Let Her Go” and “When I Was Your Man” allowed me to release my feelings. I remember hearing “Don’t You Worry Child” and thought how powerful that message was and how cool it would be to sing that together with others.

When I moved to LA in 2013, I started hosting gatherings at my house called SpiritSundays where we would sing, move, paint, play, and make intention bracelets. I am not a jewelry guy. But I loved the conversations asking someone their WORD would spark, and the connection we would have when I stamped someone their WORD.

For the past 9 years, I’ve been trying different forms of therapy, and have found embodiment work to be the most powerful for me as a lot of our stress and traumas are stored in our body. Talking alone is not enough for me.

I’ve been leading inspirational workshops since I was in college, and a lot the past 9 years with MyIntent. So VoMo is just the next evolution of my workshops with a lot of live music and vocal activation to take people on the journey of a lifetime – from their head to their heart where they find their true intention.

Vision for VoMo & MyIntent:
The world in harmony, living with intent.Through intentional movement of our bodies and voices, we create joy and gain freedom. These self-care practices enable us to feel loved and inspired to serve. Find your clarity. Live with purpose. Use your voice.All are invited. Come as you are and feel at home. This is a safe and judgmental-free space for play, discovery, and connection.We’ve never been so isolated, stressed, and divided.As we arise together, we will be the change for our generation.

With service,

Chris Pan