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Guest Name
Cathi Lamberti
Guest Occupation
Founder & CEO of Smartfit Inc
Guest Biography

SMARTfit Inc. was formed in May 2013 develop a technology to offer evidence based, scalable brain health solutions focused on neuro-rehab and neuro-motor training. The purpose is to address major health related conditions attributable to modern day inactivity and will have profound diagnostic, therapeutic and performance related outcomes for users from childhood through advanced age. 

We have created an advanced Dual Task training technology platform called SMARTfitOS that enables a person to take a 5-minute dual task cost test and receive an instant report. This report provides the information required to design a customized rehab or training program in a matter of minutes.

SMARTfitOS has great utility in a variety of global market opportunities including rehab, memory care, fitness, wellness and advanced sports performance training techniques. 

SMARTfit's iOS/Android App provides access to its Cloud-based user-interface making it easy for trainers/clinicians to access over 2,000 filmed protocols to quickly customize and design client workouts, track results, take baseline tests and generate progress reports. 

Now used by leading hospitals such as Rancho Los Amigos, Dignity Health, Pacific Neuro-institute, Banner Health, Casa Colina, Keck, and Kerlan Jobe/Cedars Sinai as well as professional and college sports teams including the Los Angeles Lakers.

Catherine Lamberti, Founder Board Chair and CEO, SMARTfit Incorporated