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Guest Name
Carl Stellitano and Lenise Soren
Guest Occupation
Carl Stillitano is a playwright, director and producer. Lenise Soren is the creator of SorenityRocksMalibu and SorenityRocksOjai
Guest Biography


Carl Stillitano is a playwright, director and producer originally from Mount Vernon, NY residing in Malibu CA.

Stillitano has served as an artistic director and mentor to artists and youth, teaching self-actualization workshops for over 30 years, artistic director for Seva Productions and One Heart theater companies in NYC and currently the Theater Artistic director of MALIBUGIVES, the non profit 501c3 that Soren created in 2017 and serves as chairwoman.

Mission Statement: Supporting the expansion and development of Art, Wellness & Community in Malibu & Beyond. Stillitano will also head the Theater Artistic director of OJAIGIVES currently in the making. 


Lenise Soren is the creator/owner of SorenityRocksMalibu & SorenityRocksOjai, Interactive Luxury Crystal Wellness retail Galleries, which support artist in residencies, working with 65 countries with life size crystals. She is an expert in her field of interactive crystal wellness and offers 50% of all crystal sales in MALIBUGIVES & OJAIGIVES locations to the non-profits while offering half tax-exempt for their donors.

Lenise teaches a mental health acting class sponsored by TransformativePlays Tuesday nights at MALIBUGIVES Crystal Sanctuary. 6-9 pm Tuesdays in Point Dume Malibu.


Comprised of 12 books, 11 socially-relevant plays and a Mental Health monologue book written by Stillitano, all serve as mental health support, delivering life lessons in easy-to-read stories. There is a story for everyone. 6 of the 11 plays are one act, one set, two characters, creating quick-paced reads for both the reader and non-reader. 

In a time when suicide, depression and anxiety is on the rise, TransformativePlays delivers, in-the-moment help, at an affordable price of $9.97 each download. 


Currently TransformativePlays are available in downloadable form and hard copy versions. Our next incarnation of TransformativePlays will be audible versions and translations. 

In an effort to help support good people doing good things, TransformativePlays donates 50% of every play downloaded to the non-profit, artist or entrepreneur of your choice at checkout making TransformativePlays a game changing tool for fundraising. Those interested in becoming affiliates and acquiring a custom affiliate code can apply online.“

These plays are for those needing help. These are for parents yearning to more deeply understand this new world. These are for those who want to explore and offer tools to help expand solution thinking, personal growth and literacy. These plays can save lives. We need help spreading the word and get these plays out there. We want to help kids and parents pay for college with these affiliate codes. We want to help fund purposeful projects immediately while simultaneously offering tools that can in-the-moment help people struggling and those who want to grow in their lives, in their art and in their purpose. These plays are attracting the youth. Let’s get every high-school and college an affiliate code!”- Lenise Sore