Guest, Brenda Jacobson

Guest Name: 
Brenda Jacobson
Guest Occupation: 
YouEQ Founder, Speaker, Game Designer and Facilitator
Guest Biography: 

"To synthesize is to combine numerous things into a coherent whole" and that's Brenda's role on the YouEQ team. She is the visionary for YouEQ and has a skill for attracting the exact talent required and inspiring these people to connect and contribute their wisdom to the project. Combining brain science, gamification and emotional intelligence, the YouEQ platform connects & empowers people.

Calling on over 20 years experience as a finance executive, business strategist and an expert of whole life health and vitality, Brenda contributes to the strategic direction, business structure and content of the platform. 

In the spirit of accomplishing this—with a lot more fun—we have drawn on the latest in brain science and gamification to optimize the learning and retention of information delivered through our multi-faceted platform. Through gamification, we educate people on intrinsic motivation, whole-health and develop multiple levels of emotional intelligence—teaching them to apply this to build powerful relationships.

A powerful speaker on the impact of neuroscience and communications, Brenda  specializes in sharing her wisdom on: Empowering People, Employee Engagement, Enhancing Productivity, Creating Powerful Corporate Cultures, Leadership Development, Business Strategy, Financial Modelling, through Public Speaking and You-EQ games.