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Guest Name
August Worley
Guest Occupation
Electrical Engineer, Music Composer, Audio Products Designer, Keyboard Technician, Synthesizer Expert, Tone Therapist, Reiki Master, Musician, Healer
Guest Biography


August Worley is a degreed Electrical Engineer with an associated minor in Performance and Music Composition Studies. He began his professional electronics career working for Moog Music in Buffalo, New York in 1980.

Through his career, August has also designed commercial audio products for several internationally known companies such as B&K Components and Polyfusion, Inc.

In 1997 he was selected to tour with the reformed Emerson, Lake and Palmer as a keyboard technician, and to custom design a digitally sequenced pyrotechnics controller for Keith Emerson's always outrageous stage shows.

In 2002, August moved to Asheville, North Carolina to work with Legendary synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog in developing his last keyboard, the MiniMoog Voyager synthesizer.

Also a tone therapist, Reiki Master, and gifted musician, August has recently formed his company, AUGUSTARA, to combine his engineering skills and profound insights to bring forth healing music and holistic therapy products such as PYRADYM.