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Guest Name
Aerin Lim
Guest Occupation
Coach, Teacher, Storyteller
Guest Biography

Hi, my name is Aerin. I am a coach, teacher, and storyteller who inquires, explores, and holds space as you are unfolding. I am driven by my curiosity to understand consciousness, people, and the world so we take care of each other collectively as a community, which is what I believe to live wisely. I hope to make our world brighter by deepening our presence and elevating our well-being through coaching, teaching, and authentic storytelling.

As a coach, I work with leaders across private, public and civil society sectors who are committed to expressing their highest selves so they can lead positive changes in their organizations and communities. I bring a broad range of experiences, approaches, and tools into my work with clients. They include emotional attunement, somatic exercises, mindfulness, and frameworks to discover values and to build effective and harmonious professional and personal relationships, practices for sustaining and managing one’s well-being. Prior to becoming a full-time coach, I spent 15 years working on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley with CEOs, founders, and executives.

As a bilingual writer, I write my thoughts and insights drawn from my own life in both English and Korean. My stories are centered around my contemplative practices and understanding of modern life and our individual and collective well-being. My first book “I’m in (아임인)” was published in Korea in 2021. This book documents my journey from being an investment banker on Wall St to a transformational coach in the world. My intention was to inspire others to follow their own unique path with courage, trust, and compassion.

I also lead workshops and retreats including the Hoffman Process. Hoffman is a week-long personal transformation retreat, where we guide them to discover who they are and love themselves.