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Guest Name
Adora Nwofor
Adora Nwofor
Guest Occupation
Comedian Keynote Networker Coach
Guest Biography

Adora Nwofor is a Comedian, Model, and advocate for women. She is the Founder of the Calgary Women's March, which had over 5,000 people attend in 2018.

I saw Adora speak recently, and can share that she is certainly unique with an expansive personaliity. Standing over 6 feet tall she commands the stage as a comedian, MC, public speaker, and more. She can be seen hosting events such as folk fest Cariwest, femme wave, as well as the Grand marshal of the March for Women (2017 to 2019).

Just when you think she has a niche she pops up as MC for Canada Day 150 and Culture days or for the University of Calgary, as key note speaker for diversity days. Adora's comedy has a feminist POV with a dark twist that has been labeled by some as shock wit.Learn more about the march here:…/ca…/calgary-womens-march-2018-1.4496431

As quoted in Avenue Magazine: Standing over six feet tall, Adora Nwofor, a comedian and feminist activist, is a self-professed “giant” with a personality to match. But compared to her raunchy “shock-wit” humour, her style isn’t that outlandish. She juxtaposes classic cuts and clean lines with bold Nigerian-traditional patterns and bright colours, especially her signature blue. “I tend to give people anxiety just by walking into a room in jeans and a sweater,” Nwofor says. “I’m kind of sensory overload.”

She can be reached at: or at:  facesofwendy or imodel management

Photography by Jessica Pechet; Styling by Julie Redmond; makeup by Amber Chomezcko; hair by Lisa Tompkins.