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Donna Seebo ShowGuest, Jim Harold
November 21, 2013
Writer, Talk Show Host

Jim Harold is America’s most popular paranormal podcast host.  With his two…

Donna Seebo ShowGuest, Jill Mattson
November 20, 2013
Musician, Communicator, Educator

Jill Mattson has long made a study of sounds and their most basic components…

Donna Seebo ShowGuest, John Murphy
November 19, 2013
Author, speaker, leadership coash, and business consultant

All too often, organizations implementing operational excellence (OE) do so…

Donna Seebo ShowGuest, Susan Martinez
November 18, 2013
Archeologist, Historian

Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., is a writer, linguist, teacher, paranormal…

Donna Seebo ShowGuest, Ronna Prince
November 15, 2013
Writer, Producer & Film Maker

Ronna Prince, Founder, Modern Mastery™, Global Wholeness Corp, Intuitive…

Shamans KeepGuest, Claudia Pinto
November 02, 2013
Activist, Environmentalist, Conservationist, Bank Business Developer, Asset Capital Manager, Wilderness Preservation Educator, Traveler, Volunteer

Claudia Campos, a passionate Activist and committed Environmentalist, was…

Shamans KeepGuest, Claudia Pinto
November 02, 2013
Naturalist, Ethnobotanist, Wildlife Biologist, Wilderness Survival Instructor, Conservationalist, Educator, Earth Steward

Vincent Pinto, Naturalist, Ethnobotanist, Wildlife Biologist, and Wilderness…

Reaching For The GoldGuest, Heidi Barham
November 05, 2013
spiritual care coordinator and chair of the African American Outreach Committee for the Hospice of the Western Reserve

Heidi Barham thinks of hospices as being much more than simply places where…

Reaching For The GoldGuest, Heidi Barham
November 05, 2013
anti-bullying activist

Bullying was once considered nothing more than a normal part of childhood,…

Donna Seebo ShowGuest, Zach Friend
November 14, 2013
Policy, public affairs, and communications expert

Zach Friend has worked for more than one politician and in this publication…