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The events that shook Paris, France, and indeed the world, are challenging our world experience. Just two days prior a similar incident rocked Beirut, Lebanon, yet the world response that rallied around Paris was profoundly different.

Set aside the varied thoughts and myths about Friday the 13th for a moment. Open your mind and consider that you have been present for a fascinating shift in the human experience that occurred on Friday the 13th, 2015.

The events that shook Paris, France, and indeed the world, are challenging our world experience.  Just two days prior a similar incident rocked Beirut, Lebanon, yet the world response that rallied around Paris was profoundly different.

This goes well beyond the commonly blamed perspectives from within the density that use racism and fundamentalist hatred as fuel for activism.  This is a call that is being heard by all!  And, all ears hear according to the belief filters of the one who is hearing.

Contained within this call is the opportunity to step THROUGH the illusion of fear and anger, and actually discover the greater truth that is unfolding before us.  Simply stated:

We are now living in a new world energy…

and the world as you knew it will not ever be the same.

For the first time the media is now using the word, “war”, regularly.  This comes with a sense of righteousness and support that is a strong force of energy being injected into the planetary thought body. 

The defacto war has been waging for many years now. It is likely history will gaze back at the events since 2012 as the “early days” of World War Three.  However, the game-board has changed.  It is now more compelling than ever to join in with the game of density in an activistic manner that will lead to Armageddon and destruction. Is this the secretly sought-after will of the masses?   War never brings safety; it can offer a momentary sense of solidarity, a respite from uncertainty.

 Is this truly the energy you are ready to empower for yourself, your children and your children’s children?  Can this energy of war be harnessed as the great moment of awakening instead of destruction?

Gazing at the media frenzy that is encouraging and justifying support for the “war”, one must ponder when even the Pope declared for all to hear that the events of Friday, November 13, were part of a “piecemeal World War III”.

How you chose move through this energy WILL DETERMINE your immediate future and the collective future of the planet.

Stepping aside from heated emotions, let’s consider the ascended energies that are presenting at this moment.  This can be easily seen by using the science of Ascended Numerology as applied to the events of November 13. Through this discernment, we learn much more about the experience and why it had to unfold as it did.

Let us begin with the date, November thirteen, 2015.

Applying Ascended Numerology using the English language this date is a 9.

And, when applied using the French language it is an 8.

The Ascended interpretation of the number 9 through Ascended Numerology reminds us of the recognition that this is the energy of Transcendent Transformation!  This is a powerful energy as it is a wake up call that invites beings to dance through the moment at hand! 

And… When this energy is out of balance it strengthens current beliefs and resists any changes ahead!  The 9 out of balance has strong opinions and finds great strength in the energy of war and anger!

The Ascended application of the number 8 is Protection and Commitment.  This is the energy of the spiritual warrior and a reminder to expand or contract! This is also the energy of the spinning lotus, which can be perceived as not centered in the real world. When out of balance this energy feels burdensome and overwhelming.

Consider that the English-speaking world is viewing this event from the energy of the 9, (transformation).  The French are viewing from the 8, (Protection).  However, when the two merge, (9+8), we once more have the energy of the 8 appearing thereby making that energy even stronger.

This is valuable as the energy of Protection and Commitment is carrying greater strength through unity and demonstrates a movement toward oneness.

By then adding “Paris, France” to this date even more is revealed.  In both English and French, “Paris, France” is a 7.  This energy is centered around claiming divine mastery with the opportunity to be both a novice and a master to learn life’s lessons. 

When the energy of the 7 is “young” it can be viewed as wasting time on things that are not important and ego-centric.  However this is a prime energy that is filled with creative markers that often supports musicians, artists and the creative living so often associated with Paris.

Incorporating the Paris 7 with the 9 of the date in English, we arrive at 7 again!  And, when the 7 is added to the French 8 we arrive at the 6.  When these two are added together, (the 7 + 6), we arrive at the date of the incident, 13!

This event, in order to have the cosmic energy necessary for supportive shift, HAD to happen on November 13, 2015 and it had to take place in Paris, France!  This is why the earlier Beirut incident was not as strongly influential within the media storm that is currently bombarding the planet. 

The strongest indicator of this event was that it was pre-determined to BRING TOGETHER the political and emotional bodies of the English speaking world with the French to create the framework needed to move forward…with either WAR or Understanding.

This does not negate all the other languages; simply that the English and French were playing their role as the ones to initiate this gathering of energy.

This actually supports the recognition that through this dialog all other worldwide leaders are attempting to discover a pathway that serves this new paradigm. This is an unfolding experience and not surprisingly another “coincidence” that leaders would be together at the G20 summit at this precise moment.

So what do all these numbers mean when we put them all together?

Gazing beyond the individual numbers and focusing back upon the 13, we arrive ultimately at the number 4, (1+3), regardless of the language used.  This is the real energy of this moment and the energy that could have been easily hidden on the surface without the application of the science of Ascended Numerology. 

The four is the number that has the greatest potential for healing and emotional stability.  This comes forward through ALL experiences.  Only when the four can discover maturity will it break free from the distress and instability within the day-to-day Earthly experience.  The energy of the four is seeking balance and until it discovers this balance, it will try everything it can to bring forward healing…at any cost!  Sometimes healing can look like something quite the opposite of the intended outcome.

This is the moment that all of humanity has known was arriving and through this seesaw moment of polarity the ultimate game of balance is upon us all.  Only through cultivating inner balance will you be able to navigate the earth as it moves through this “four” experience. 

The ascension potential of this moment is HUGE and the potential to drop through this moment is equally large.  The ultimate challenge for those who are anchored into the Ascension escalator of 2015-2022 is to honestly answer the question:  Can I continue to witness the events around me without collapsing or lashing out?

The massive amount of “injustice” and “innocent” victims will challenge even the most committed light worker.  It is meant to! This is the moment to persevere through the temptation of activism and to enter into the Ascended process of Passionate Action.

War is an extension of activism. It harnesses the energy of hate, anger, and injustice into a ‘just reason” to create more tragedy.  It is an opportunity for the energy of annihilation to gain momentum.  Once this energy starts moving, and it already has, it becomes a force that easily calls many into its embrace as it carefully, and effectively takes over.  This is the energy of the four when out of balance and seeking healing at any cost.

Alternatively, through passionate action, there is the opportunity to remain focused upon the bigger picture as we collectively harness the force of Ascension Awareness.  Passionate action does not mean that you are ignoring the atrocities or sticking your head in the sand.  Quite the contrary! It is the energy of the four, fully balanced

It is a force that is clear, strong and effectively empowers the energies of mutual respect, harmony and the ascension of humanity.  Through the empowerment of this balanced energy, the choices we make affect the whole through the diminishment of the planetary thought body of hate and judgment

Actions created through from the presence of balance empower the inner radical and can safely and effectively harness the energy of action into positive shifts for all.

In late October 2015 we received clear guidance, (as we do each month), to share that there would be a media frenzy coming forward in the month of November. We were shown that this would be due to a trigger event and we were guided not to share anything that would stimulate speculation or fear.  It is important to note that even speculation adds to a planetary thought body already gaining momentum through fear.  We were also given extraordinary content for a new tele-journey and clearly told that the program would be important to have available for those who have chosen the ascension pathway in January 2016.

We share this as a loving reminder that we are all loved so very much that we are being protected and showered with the guidance needed to navigate these times.  If we harness our inner radical toward passionate action we then invite the ego to stand aside and rest. It is only the ego that seeks to be the activist.

We invite you to revisit the video we released as November 2015’s revelations on the YouTube channel OfficialSriandKira, and to listen to it in the wake of the events that have now taken place.  We invite you to consider bringing passionate action into your life and to set aside the energies of fear as a gift for yourself and to our planet.

Fear is the illusion and war is not the only option for our planet.  The years 2015-2022 will make the critical difference for our collective future and the actions you take now MATTER!  Your beautiful light presence and how you apply that gift matters!

Now, more than ever, are you ready to take a stand for our collective future?  Are you ready to send the clear signal to the planetary thought body that it can no longer derive the fuel of fear from you?

We invite you to read this article again and again. We invite you to share it with everyone you know and to remember that the science of Ascended Numerology opens up the recognition of the greater energies at work.  All we need to do is listen!

We love you and welcome your questions and feedback.

Sri and Kira