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Set aside the varied thoughts and myths about Friday the 13th for a moment. Open your mind and consider that you have been present for a fascinating shift in the human experience that occurred on Friday the 13th, 2015.

The events that shook Paris, France, and indeed the world, are challenging our world experience.  Just two days prior a similar incident rocked Beirut, Lebanon, yet the world response that rallied around Paris was profoundly different.

Hillary Clinton's Candidacy Predicted by Nostradamus? Find out this and more with our special guest, Mario Reading author of "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophesies For The Future." Join Christina Winslow, Host of Reach For It Radio Show as she finds out about Mario Reading's groundbreaking translations of all Nostradamus's quatrains that deal specifically with the future. Reading is known as an expert on Nostradamus and will talk about his upcoming interview in the History Channel's new documentary "Nostradamus" to be aired in May 2015.

Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow has a special guest, Amaya Victoria. Amaya is founder of the Amaya Center located in California where she counsels individuals, hosts workshops and events facilitating healing through therapuetic methods and her intuitive abilities. Amaya is deeply influenced by indigenious and other cultural systems which allow her to help individuals and groups re-establish their joyful magnificence and take it out into the world!

Alexandra Meadors discusses several pertinent topics regarding the new energies coming into 2015, sharing various messages she has been prompted to share with all of you!  Guests Shannan Marie Dunlap and Lorde Chaisse share their bit of "getting a little crazy" and why this is so important for The Ground Crew right now.