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Cherry Blossom snowfall for a very, very, very long time

Hello All,

We haven’t had snowfall this season. But, we have had the delight of the cherry blossom snow starting to fall. You can see it all over the ground and everywhere the rain and wind send it. It sticks to everything when it is wet. 

In groups this last week age, ageism, and what that feels like and means came up. We are all getting older but we don’t have to get old. Old is a state of mind. I am into ageless myself. But for some, aging and the issues in the Morphic field about it can be quite strong. In certain societies we are living physically longer. But not always necessarily better. We are not perhaps enjoying maturing as it would seem to mean less function, not necessarily wiser movements. Becoming more efficient in our use of time and space and body doesn’t bring reward, just a sense of loss of what was. You can feel your growth hormones stopping production. If you  are single and alone there is perhaps no one to share the burdens with ease. We can be resistant to the idea of help as we see it as charity and loss of function. Instead of the division of labor. Money certainly comes into play and having the resources to have assistance.

Retirement and how we deal with that was mentioned. For people who have worked hard all their life continuing to be viable can be very important. We are living long enough now to retire. It was brought to our attention about a 67 year old Polish adventurer, with no specific training, who had kayaked, yes kayaked, from Spain to Florida by himself. Purposely taking the longest water route between continents. Was at it for months. Apparently did it because he wanted to. (Note: His wife was quite angry with him. Is that possible that was his motivation? I am just asking) Is it possible to retire gracefully and move on from either the daily grind or the mandatory rule of now you are in, now you are out? Perhaps you need to keep resources coming in. Maybe you enjoy what you do and don't know how to give it up or translate it to other fun. Some attach age to their physical pain they are having now. They haven’t had loss or ache much in the past but now they do. They are older now and the body is not as forgiving as when they were younger or they worked through the pain then. 

You can hear all the biases at play can't you? I look to resonate to life being a continuum. Different energy levels at different times in my life. Using my energies differently. Realizing that my age shows in my taste in music as certain frames of reference are set internally as I was maturing. Maturing can last a long time, a lifetime. The brain can lose it’s ability to notice stuff in conscious ways. Depending our connection to the morphic field of aging we might have to encourage ourselves to have new experiences and fresh thinking. Yet some of us look forward to not having to make more choices. We maybe didn’t like the choices we made in the past. We are tired. We can get stuck and dying is expected.

What we did notice it that at core is our attitude. Like it is for everything. How do you encode growing older? As being less now and having peaked at 30 and it has been downhill from there? Or, do you ascribe to the realization that our bodies can be good for 200 years or so? Science would seem to say that is our truth. But let's be honest. How many of us are navigating new technologies easily or are feeling dated in how we use them or think about them? Becoming older is fine if it doesn’t hurt. But what if you do hurt? The world would seem to becoming a more hostile place. Yes? Maybe not. Maybe we are just more aware of the world as a world and not just your isolated pocket of life. 

Take your time this week to access heart space and unified consciousness using Matrix Energetics or some other approach. Do you have issue with where you find yourself in your life? With where you think you will find yourself in your life? Invite the conversation with any of the above statements that registered to you and see what is there waiting to explore. There can be a lot of emotional energy in your field about all this. If there is fear present it will attract more of the same. Would you like to re-encode your patterns about long life, wanting to live a long, enjoyable life and what that might mean to you? Whatever shows up let the grace of warmth, support, non judgment be the medium and love it. What would it be like to enjoy season after season of cherry blossom snow for a very, very, very, long time? 

P. S. I had mentioned that we had installed a rain chain in our recent redo of our yard drain. It was dry when we put it in and I commented on enjoying the lyrical trickling of the rain that we would enjoy. LOL. Well, you can see and hear it in action if you use the following link. It wasn’t even heavy rain. 



Copyright 2015 Janet Barrett