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Spring is here and a lot us are getting that gardening itch! It’s a bit early to think in terms of planting; some of you are still getting snow and can’t even see your garden! But now is the time to start thinking about it and I'll be giving tips on what to do to make your garden ready for spring planting! Any questions you want me to answer over the air, email me at

Hello again,

Please join Rochelle and I tonight at 7 PM (PT) as we celebrate the upcoming event--the Last Supper and the the first night of Passover falling on the same day.

​What both Passover and Easter have in common is a new beginning.

(Easter from Eastre is believed to be an ancient word for spring.)

Hello All,

We haven’t had snowfall this season. But, we have had the delight of the cherry blossom snow starting to fall. You can see it all over the ground and everywhere the rain and wind send it. It sticks to everything when it is wet. 

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Breakthroughs and Consciousness!  We are in a big time of transformation, astrologically and seasonally. Life is a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs.  As Consciousness comes more into form we experience more expansion!  When we experience it all from Heart Space, change becomes effortless.