Ascension Secrets of St Germain with Troika Celeste Saint Germain

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Ascension Secrets of St Germain

Ascension Secrets of Saint Germain with Troika Celeste, banner
Troika Celeste Saint Germain

"I have been in direct communication with Ascended Master Saint Germain since childhood. My goal in life is to follow and achieve the examples set forth by him during his last physical incarnation. This includes physical Immortality and physical Ascension, more correctly known as, Transfiguration or Translation.

My life is completely dedicated to following the instructions I receive from Saint Germain, which include spreading his teachings of Ascension, introducing the use of the Violet Flame, and creating the various products he directs me to manifest for the world.

I am deeply honored to be able to share these tools, products, teachings and practical instructions of Ascension from our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain with all who sincerely seek them."

- Workshop, Lecture and Seminar Topics include:
- Power & Use of the Violet Flame
- Achieving Ascension/Transfiguration Now
- Physical Rejuvenation & Immortality
- Alchemy -- Then and Now and How
- Teachings of The Ascended Masters
- Spiritual Laws of the Universe
- Secrets of Manifestation
- Spirituality in Business
- Creating Prosperity and Abundance
- Living as the Creator God That You Are
- Twin Flames & Soul Mates
- and Much More!

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