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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 23 April 2021

Angelic Empowerment with Christina Lunden

Show Host:

Open the lines of communication with your Angels through the simple techniques shared by internationally known Angel Channeler, Christina Lunden. Christina passionately wishes to teach people how to make that connection on their own. Expect clear and concise information to direct you as the Angels channel through her and see for yourself this easy and fun process. Blessings abound when dealing with the Angelic realm. There will be Angel meditations, Angel teachings, Angel channelings… whatever the Angels wish to share to all.

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Christina Lunden

Christina Lunden
Radio Talk Show Host, Angel Channeler, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairscentient, Claircognizant

Biography from:

As far back as I can remember I have been able to see visions and hear from Jesus and His Angels. I knew them as my friends and talked with them every night when I went to bed. Some nights I would see people standing at the bottom of my bed that needed help crossing over. Somehow, I “knew” how to help them. These experiences helped me to not fear death and also how to spiritually travel. Most of my younger years were spent in a normal life but at times knowing things I couldn’t have known and having dreams of things that had happened in the past and some about the future. I thought this was what everyone did.

When I was 12 years old, I had two profound spiritual visitations. I was lying in bed and all of a sudden I saw a huge face in front of me breathing very hot breath. He said in a nasty voice; “Who are you to do this work? You will never be allowed to do it. We will stop you.” Then he vanished. Immediately after that visitation, Jesus came to me and anointed me with oil on my forehead. I found out 30 years later what the devil was trying to scare me from doing. He knew I was one of the 12 leaders of the 144,000 during the then prophesied End Times. That was what Jesus anointed me that same night to do. In this role, I am commissioned to lead, teach, heal and support the 144,000 and Lightworkers and anyone else who comes to me.

God officially ordained me to do my spiritual work with the public in 2002. Since I was taught directly by Christ Jesus and His Angels all my life, it only took a year to get me working. Christ Jesus and His Angels taught me how to counsel and heal people on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually. He showed me how to be an open channel for healing anyone of anything in any dimension. The only hurdle would then be how accepting the person / soul is of receiving the healing. He taught me how to recognize darkness; demons and entities and how to clear them from a person’s soul. (I was already on their radar so this was for my safety and protection as well as helping others.) Christ Jesus taught me how to communicate with His Angels and the Angelic Realm to share messages in written, audio and video form to assist people to grow spiritually in the quickest, highest and easiest way. Christ Jesus also taught me how to teach others to talk with the Angels of their soul and for those that want to do work similar to mine, how to teach them to become teachers and leaders. I have now been sharing as an inspiring Minister / Spiritual Counselor / Teacher / Healer / Leader who works through the highest aspects of the Soul and Angels for over a decade.

I am open to working with all who have an open heart. I have been through a lot of lessons and situations in this one life; some were for my own soul growth and some lessons were so I can understand how to help others. I have a remembrance of my many other lives so I have a good understanding of how hard it is to live here and feel separate from God. I know how inaccessible it seems God / Angels can be at times too. I understand how the longing to “go home” can interfere with your daily life once you do remember more about yourself spiritually. And I know what to do to assist everyone to be prepared for the Ascension, as I was specifically prepared for these times.

However we work together, whether it is virtually; through the written, audio and video messages or on the phone or in person, I promise to always be the same; the highest, clearest, best source for you to receive all that you are seeking.