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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 22 April 2021

Across the Veil with Dr April Lugo

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Dr. April Lugo

April had a PhD in Parapsychology, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. She brings many years of experience to the table in offering intuitive guidance and direction.

As a life coach April focus is to aid and assist the client on their path. Acting as a coach that is there to assist the individual to achieve personal and professional goals and direction.

A a trained Hypnotherapist and teacher of Hypnotherapy, April also offers spiritual trance meditation coaching as well.

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Dr April Lugo

April Lugo PhD
Radio Talk SHow Host, Across the Veil, Intuitive Life Coaching, Animal Communicator, Energy Emerging

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April Lugo, PhD

Who Is April Lugo, PhD

My life path has been one of metaphysical and spiritual development.

My journey began when I was two years of age. My family had lived in an old east coast farmhouse. This farm has was well over 100 years old and held many secrets within its walls. Over the years I would share stories with my family members about the visitors who would come and talk to me. My family was not overly receptive to this and would chalk it up to an active imagination.

Then at ages 7, 8 and 9 I would hold séances and do reading for my friends in the basement of our home. When I was 9 I had a dream where I was taken to one of the local hospitals and being greeted in the elevator by angelic hosts they took me to each floor of the hospital and as we walked by each room holding our hands out and extending energy into each room we proceeded throughout the hospital. Once we arrived back at the lobby people were filing out of the hospital healed, this became a life changing time and dream event that changed my life. Through jr high school and on I had been known as the schools, "Dear April", offering words of guidance and wisdom to others. I would connect with their guides and the angles and share with them the messages I would hear.

When my great aunt passed away I was about five years of age and could not understand why everyone was crying and why everyone was so upset. I looked at my mother and said Aunt Iva is standing right there why is everyone so upset? With this my mother became very panicked and concerned. A trip to a psychologist and testing began.

Being born with the inability to see the human form was a challenge in and of itself. I would see colors, and what looked like waving colors around people, trees, plants and any living organism. I did not know that this was abnormal. I thought this was how everyone saw. School was a huge challenge because of this. I had to learn how to focus and see people in their physical form. With the use of colored prescription classes this has become an easier task.

Through out my entire life I would know things were going to happen before they did. I would see people who had passed to the other side. I would sit and visit with the angles, spirits, ghosts and other disembodied beings. As this scared my family I would not discuss these things and became an upstanding member of the local Baptist church.

The home we lived in was on a very bad intersection. There were accidents on the corner about every day, some serious enough that a person at least once per month would lose their lives. On one occasion a woman in a blue Volkswagen Beatle ran the stop sign and a large semi-tractor trailer truck hit her. My father ran to help and insisted I go inside as the accident was so sever. As he was helping I stood on the porch and the woman in the Volkswagen came walking over to me. She was confused and acted very dazed. I told her she should be over there, pointing to the accident, where everyone could help her. She told me that no one would listen to her. I then saw a large beautiful angel come down and stand beside her. The angel took her hand and they ascended to heaven. My dad came over very somber and his hands and shirt were splattered in blood. I asked him about the lady and he told me the ambulance people were taking care of her now. I later heard him tell my mother that she had been decapitated. I told him the next morning not to be so sad because she was in heaven. He just smiled not knowing what to say to me. My life has been one story after another of these types of events and occurrences.

When I went to college I met others whom I could visit with and whom shared a bit of insight into the metaphysical realm. I began to study and pursue a deeper understanding of this. I began building an awareness of psychology and human behavior, securing a degree in psychology, and a PhD in parapsychology.

After a very serious automobile accident I began studying and working in the realm of Holistic Healing Modalities. With over 3500 educational hours of learning modalities such as “hands of healing”, “laying in of hands”, “hands of light”, Reiki, and many more I secured a PhD in Holistic Healing. I saw how my family had regained their health and the ability to be whole after this accident through the uses of holistic interventions. I knew I owed this miracle back to the world. I had been called to share this with the rest of the world. In recent years, "Energy Emerging Healing Modality™" was channeled through to me by my guides and has become a very powerful healing modality that I love to share with other and teach others to do as well. Changing lives! I do one on one energy emerging healing sessions, as well as distance healing sessions. You will find more information on this under the Energy Emerging Tab.

In my 30’s my husband was a contractor in Colorado and he worked in an area where there were many Native American burial grounds. He and I would go and do land clearing honoring and clearing the land of past hurts, memories, traumas. Before too long other contractors would call and ask me to come and do property clear for their job sites. Hence, this was the beginning of a greater understanding of the imprints that are left upon the earth and the importance of clearing and cleansing these old imprints and releasing of souls that may be stuck for whatever reasons. I am available for land clearings and cleanings as well.

I have a tremendous love for the four-legged friends that we share space with upon the earth. I do animal communication and often am able to help pet owners locate their animals when the animals needed to go on a walk about. I also offer healing to dogs and cats, and receiving insight for pet owners as they may be working to gain a better understanding of their animals needs. To find out more about this please click on the Animal Communication tab.

My first husband had been a minister in a fundamental church and I secured associates pastor’s credentials as well. I expanded those credentials to the spiritualism ordination and have begun the training and facilitation of learning for others on their spiritual quest through Celebrate Life Ministries. It was while working on the spiritualism ordination that I also secured a PhD in Intuitive Life Coaching.

I connected with one of the local metaphysical universities and in 2004 completed my PhD in Metaphysical Arts.

I have hosted on numerous Internet Radio programs a program called Across the Veil. It is during these radio programs people may call in to see if we can make any contacts with loved ones who may have preceded us across the veil, the guides, masters, teachers, and angels, any of the divine high vibration energies which may wish to bring forward a message. These calls are brief and free.

I also host one on one Across the Veil sessions. These sessions are geared to the individual and making connections with their loved ones or the guidance that they are seeking. You may find out more about these under the tab for Across the Veil.

I also facilitate live open forum Across the Veil events. At these events a large group gathers and we connect with those who wish to share a message with those in the audience. You may find out more about these under the tab for Across the Veil.

Celebrate Life Ministries is a for profit spiritual development gathering. We do sacred ceremonies and host an interview program that is recorded and aired on Dragon Wind Internet Radio, and on You Tube. This is a time when I interview those who have been touch or have had life changing experiences. You may find out more about these under the tab for Celebrate.

Over the years I have compiled many CD’s, written teaching material, conducted classes, workshops, hosted events. Written books developed an Oracle Deck, and more. To learn more about these items please click on the Products tab.

I travel worldwide sharing the messages as I am guided. Offering healings, classes, open forums, one on one events and much more. Click on the tab about travels and to see about arranging my coming to your area or to see when I will be in your area.

The gifts that I have been blessed with I am so honored to be able to share with others. I find it to be such a blessing to be able to share sacred space with each and every person who I cross paths with as an international teacher, healer, author, and spirit communicator.

April became known as White Wolf April one summer while visiting with a Native American family. The wife looked at April and saw the essence of a child that she and her husband had lost some years past. They told her that even though her skin may be white her inside held the memory of the Ancients. They called her their "White Wolf" daughter. This resonated with April and her late husband as they both shared such a love for the "Wolf". April carries and works with Wolf totem energy, White Wolf can often be seen hanging around her.