Across the Veil, January 18, 2010

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Across the Veil
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with Dr April Lugo
Across the Veil hosted by April Lugo Phd.
On BBS Radio, January 18, 2010
Having the gift of healing and intuitive awareness all her life April is now celebrating her professional career since 1979. Ordained Minister, PhD Holistic Healing, Personal Life Coach, and Parapsychology, April is also currently working on her MA in Healthy Psychology.
April Lugo Phd., International: Educator, lecturer, author, ordained minister, healer, intuitive reader, and facilitator.
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Across the Veil

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Dr. April Lugo

April had a PhD in Parapsychology, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. She brings many years of experience to the table in offering intuitive guidance and direction.

As a life coach April focus is to aid and assist the client on their path. Acting as a coach that is there to assist the individual to achieve personal and professional goals and direction.

A a trained Hypnotherapist and teacher of Hypnotherapy, April also offers spiritual trance meditation coaching as well.