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Dame Nicole Brandon

Groundbreaking Secrets, Tips and Doorways to Live the Life of your Dreams. Bridal Shows, Optimum Health, Wealth & Fitness, Master the Reach and Have it all

From Stage to Screen Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness” sharing her unique brand of love, tenderness and care thru her writing, hosting, performances and humanitarian efforts.

Her accolades are too numerous to count, highlights include that she was Knighted in 2014 by the OOSJ. Nicole is also a chosen Light Carrier of the World Peace...

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LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
Headlined Show, LetterZ From the Pen April 9, 2021
Letterz from the pen interviews Intuitive Psychic Holly K Brooks to speak about love and other problems.  ....
Candidates Platform with Kathleen Gomez and Diego Vlasic
Headlined Show, Candidates Platform April 3, 2021
Join us as we explore the political factions of today! ....
Darryl Richard 2004 Watkins Award Honoree
Guest, Darryl Richard, April 5, 2021, Management Director
Reverend Kevin D. Annett
Breaking News and Urgent Action Summons – Saturday, April 3, 2021
Article by : Rev Kevin D Annett - April 3, 2021
Guest, Maria Muldaur, May 4, 2021, American folk and blues singer best known for her hit single "Midnight at the Oasis"
No longer available
Headlined Show, Psychic Horizon April 2, 2021
Topic: Spirit Guides Learn how to connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides with Psychic Medium Shelley Hofberg. ....
FaithSpring Baptist LIVE with Dr. Gregory Williams "Pastor"
Headlined Show, Breaking the Silence April 2, 2021
SPECIAL GOOD FRIDAY SHOW FaithSpring Baptist LIVE with Dr. Gregory Williams "Pastor Greg" this Good Friday at 5pm PST on BBS Radio TV Station 1 ....
Amy E. Smith
Guest, AMY E. SMITH, April 1, 2021, Amy teaches chronic people-pleasers & perfectionists how to stand up for themselves - Without being dicks.
George Brauchler
Guest, George Brauchler, March 31, 2021, District Attorney
Arash Mosaleh
Guest, Arash Mosaleh, March 31, 2021, Social Media Influencer
Guest, Mark Griffith, March 31, 2021, Talk Show Host
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show March 31, 2021
Chuck and Julie Show Guests, Arash Mosaleh, George Brauchler, and Mark Griffith Eating their own… the left cancel culture is going after a rising Dem star in Colorado. Social Media influencer Arash Mosaleh explains. Plus prosecutor George Brauchler takes a look at how the George Floyd murder....
Whiskey Childe
New Music by - Whiskey Childe
Whiskey Childe is a psychedelic/classic hard rock band from upstate New York.....
Judy Carroll
Guest, Judy Carroll, March 30, 2021, Author, Lifelong Contactee, Telepath, Galactic Messenger, Teacher
Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle
Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters March 30, 2021
Paradigm Shifters presents Judy Carroll     This week on Paradigm Shifters:   Paradigm Shifters asks, "do you want to be a Galactic citizen?" Judy Carroll has some keys to how to get there! Author of Human by Day and Zeta by Night. We last spoke to Judy on this show som....
Guest, Michaela Cox, April 29, 2021, Author
Guest, Michele Edwards-Collie, April 15, 2021, Community Development Banker
What is Hope and Why Does it Matter?
Blog by : Toni Lontis - March 29, 2021
How To Have Great Sounding Audio In Your Live Stream
Blog by : Toni Lontis - March 29, 2021


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