Guest Name, Ryan Kramer

Ryan Kramer
A Spiritual Detective and Light worker in Service to Mother God and All of Creation

El Morya, El for short, which means in Endless Service realized God was on the planet when he looked towards the pristine sky and saw the angel rays streaming down and thought 'only God could create such a beautiful thing' Then when he was 6 y/o at his grandmother's funeral he realized that death didn't exist and that we just go somewhere else, which are the starships. He arrived to The Mission March 2018 after many years of searching for the best of the best, who is our beloved Mother God. He grew up in Philadelphia an only child knowing LOVE & FAMILY was the answer. After years of being alone, never a consistent friend to count on, he learned to be self-reliant and step up to get anything done.  That energy brought him to the mission.  Transforming separation has been a moment for him, yet, he saw how he was choosing to stifle his divinity and, thus, his connection with GOD.  Once he learned at Univerity that the more people there are, the smoother events happen, all he focused on was leaving his old life behind to start a new with those who were looking to change, too. After choosing to push himself in moments of discomfort, he grew and saw that he was making life harder by being unworthy of love.  His plans in life changed as he began to travel and connect with others along the journey, which he recommends to ALL.  Along with this he began to meditate and pray, building the energy to embody higher self. WHOO HOO BRING IT ON ANGELS.

United States