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Rick Bechard
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I've learned...and discovered...that our primary goal in this world should be Peace. For the experience of Peace is the prerequisite for knowing Love. The primary tools that provide the lessons that help us choose Peace are our relationships with others and our bodies. Beyond this it will be the teachings of others who have gotten themselves "out of the way" This approach is not about not about not being human, rather it is about being human even as part of us recognizes there is a large goal. My life is only different in form than anyone else's, I will say however that I have been one to have paid close attention. This approach can be found in my recently published book, "From Pain To Peace" How Life's Difficulties Can Teach Us Peace. Consistent with the understanding that relationships are a primary tool, I produced a documentary about the nature of Love and the inherent complications of humans relating to humans. My life experiences in conjunction with my 25 year appreciation of the meta-physics presented by "A Course In Miracles" has given me the ability to respond to any topic...for the mindful solution to any topic is always at the "Mind" level. Once our fears are taken there, Love naturally flows through us and the form of what we must do is taken out of our earthly hands.


Biography Rick Bechard established Lucid Productions in 1999. Rick produced and directed “The Pioneer of Rural Schools," a documentary about the influence of philanthropist William H. Miner in early 20th century rural education, which was highlighted on the ABC News program The Mix, broadcast by Mountain Lake PBS, and later distributed nation-wide by the New York-based Cinema Guild. Rick has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and has enjoyed myriad career titles including assistant cruise ship director, nightclub owner, and positions with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC. His 20-year study and attraction with A Course in Miracles was the impetus for the production of “Love’s Journey.” Rick Bechard is available for live and phone interviews as well as informal talks on relationship and spirituality topics that often lead to a better understanding of human interactions and what it really means to forgive. Rick currently lives in Plattsburgh New York