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Paramahansa Jagadish
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Paramahansa Jagadish’s Worldwide “Prayer Project” Minutes 3 Times A Day To Change the World (3x3)

Sign the Pledge! Join Those Committing to Prayer to Heal the Planet—and Become a Prayer Project Ambassador!

We have bartered away our future for little gain by destroying the rainforests, oceans, wilderness, plant and animal species, and we have enabled dramatic climate change with no solution in sight. Furthermore, whether it’s Sudan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria--or anywhere else in the world—the darkness of unrest and injustice continue

The need is for good people with good intentions to bring environmental balance and peace back to our world—to reignite the light. Thus, The Prayer Project has been born.

Parmahansa Jagadish, the globally renowned master healer, teacher and spiritual leader, is rallying YOU—and the rest of the world--to step forward with nine minutes of beautiful and joyful prayer each day to lead the planet into a time of transformation. Just pray nine minutes a day--3 minutes 3 times for peace! (3x3!)

You’re invited to participate –and, if you choose, to sign the pledge committing to positive prayer daily. You can even become a Prayer Project Ambassador to help spread the word!

“The world is on the brink of change,” says Parmahansa Jagadish. “No longer can we disregard our environment, our economy, our own futures and simply assume that everything will just work itself out. The world is affected with selfishness, greed and disregard for life. Different factions of terrorists and political leaders seek to control and dominate others. Oppressed people and those choosing a path toward spiritual growth are ready for a change. Peace is the message we all need to be meditating and praying on! Peace within ourselves and peace in the outer world—they work hand in hand.

“The Prayer Project began when I thought about the sad state of the world today and wondered how I could help spread a message of peace and an experience of divine joy that everyone could participate in. It is important that we find a way to become happy and inspired again, don’t you think? Is there a way to do this, to create a feeling of hope and happiness every day and benefit others somehow?

“Through The Prayer Project I want to create a connection between all philosophies and faiths in one single, unified voice. Prayer is truly universal; it is a singular bond that binds us to so many things: our ancestors, other cultures, individuals, nations, religions and spiritual communities. And now I invite you to join The Prayer Project; to become part of something bigger than yourself, a global movement that breaks barriers, bonds and the shackles of fear that hold us back from living in the world we were meant to respectfully enjoy. When you join The Prayer Project, you will find yourself participating in the co-creation of a better world for us, for our children, for everyone!”

If you would like to book Paramahansa Jagadish so your listeners can learn more about The Prayer Project, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time and the calling details. He will be available from Aug 3 - Sept. 2, to Rita Roberts (818) 518-6299 or Jackie Lapin (818) 707-1473


Parmahansa Jagadish is the world renowned master healer, teacher and spiritual leader who guides people in discovering their own Stewardship of the Soul.

With more than four and a half decades of deep and concentrated spiritual practice rooted in Eastern Yogic, Tibetan Buddhist and Hawaiian traditions, he brings together both an Eastern and Western perspective. Parmahansa Jagadish holds a Bachelor’s Degree in transpersonal psychology from Sonoma State University.

This gifted healer is best known globally for his healing work and teachings in Karma Clearing, Ancestral Healing, Divine Light Transmission and Bodhisattva Mastery Training…The Stewardship of the Soul pathway to Self and God realization.

His spiritual journey and healing abilities began in his youth, when he was just four years old. While playing, Paramahansa Jagadish, fell headfirst into a hole in the family garden. But instead of falling on his head, as would be expected, he landed in the lotus position – and astonishingly fell into a state of illumination, joy and oneness—the liberated state of being.. It was the experience that set the direction of his life.

By the time he was in the fifth grade he had become a vegetarian. As he grew, he taught himself yoga, and immersed himself in the great mystical books of the Eastern traditions. Still in high school and already a promising young mystic, he moved to Santa Cruz to study with two great teachers in the spiritual movement. Jagadish moved to India in the late 70’s to study with one of the leading spiritual masters in India. Twelve years of extensive retreat work in remote areas of India and Nepal, prepared him to reach a level of mastery whereupon he was granted the title of “Lineage Holder.” It allows him to initiate others into this deep and holy tradition. The honorific title Paramahansa is given to those who have reached the highest level of spiritual development and achieved Self and God realization, a true union between spirit and divinity.

During his stay in India, Jagadish became extremely ill, verging on death. He was brought before his Guru, who cleared Paramahansa Jagadish of the impediments to his healing. Through that sacred healing transmission, Jagadish entered into a God-conscious state and something shifted inside of him. Not only did he recover his health instantaneously after this near-death-experience, but the experience imparted to him an extraordinary ability to heal and clear Karma from others. This skill, and his work in expanding his gift into Ancestral Healing, have made him world famous.

Today, he uses his vaulted position as a leading healer to advance the healing of the world through his Prayer Project movement. This advocates that good people with good intentions, who wish to bring peace and environmental balance back to our world, join together to offer positive prayer for the world and its people. And his accompanying book, The Prayer Project, is a tool kit of prayer, featuring hundreds of loving and peaceful prayers from the faiths of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sufism and Native American, capped by the individual prayers from historic figures, leaders and peace-lovers.

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