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Olivia Ostergaard
Your Pitch

“Looking at the Unseen: My Guide Dog Journey” is the story of Olivia’s ten-year struggle to get a guide dog. Not just any dog—but the one God has for her. As a legally blind wife/mother, Olivia goes from a novice to a competent guide dog handler. After three difficult attempts, the wait was worth it. What types of obstacles does she encounter? Can she conquer her doubts, fears, and criticism from others? Come along with her on this incredible journey of faith in everyday life, for both blind and sighted alike. it is one that will definitely inspire, challenge, and inform.


Olivia has a BA in Psychology from Cal Baptist University, ’77, and a second BA from Cal State Bakersfield, in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Vocal Music/ English. She taught Choir to K-6 Graders for Fresno Unified, from 1990-92. She has been married to her husband Jim, for over 25 years. They live in Fresno, with their son, James,who is away in college. She enjoys Oldies from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, old-Time Radio, baking, biking, bowling, hiking, and reading. She’s been active in Bible Study Fellowship, and in her Women’s Ministry at church, and sings in the Choir.She writes devotions/articles for and mjofmagazine. Com both on-line sites. She has been an advocate for the blind and disabled locally, statewide, and nationally.