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Maya Britan
Your Pitch

We are putting togther an amazing Metaphysical Sci Fi film and would like to come on show to talk about it.. 




The Game of One is a true story of an ancient School of Tarot that was last used in during the late 18th dynasty in Egypt. The School  of Tarot was primarily designed for members of the royal family in order to prepare kings and queens for their destiny, where they would have to demonstrate the model of a perfect human being.  Before actually assuming the throne, the royal student was to achieve his/her ultimate initiation from the great I AM  (God).  As in ancient times, initiation even today takes place when the student can honestly say that he or she is ONE, meaning that the graduated student has managed to obtain all qualities of life within one awakened consciousness, including all that is good and all that is bad. The royal Master of Tarot was then considered an evolved human being entitled to attach the word ATONE to his or her personal name (“Atone” means “one”), thus being accepted by society as being wise and knowledgeable in all of life’s matters. good as it royalty had ever managed to be as accomplished and for all we know, one by one, all rulers ends up choosing power and control over people rather than knowledge.