Guest Name, Mary Ann Burracco

Mary Ann Burracco
Mary Ann Burracco
Author of: Hi, My Name is Mary Ann and Remember Me. Real life stories about my life of love, addiction and triumph!

Mary Ann Barrucco is a funny and witty middle age, middle class Italian American woman born and bred in Besonhurst, Brooklyn New York. She married young with hopes for the future that came crashing down. Her dreams for the future became a nightmare, but through strength and support she triumphed and came out on top!

Mary Ann had the wedding of her dreams marring her husband at the age of twenty two with great hopes for the future. After three years of a happy wonderful marriage Mary Ann noticed subtle changes in her husband. Eddie starting staying out late, drinking heavily and becoming nasty and abusive. His drinking become an addiction that went spiraling out of control and he had no intention of stopping.

Soon realty set in. Dysfunctions by the name of alcoholism, compulsive gambling and spousal abuse play their hands. Mary Ann lost herself in a world of gambling to get away from Eddie's drinking, which put her in deep debt and wanting to kill herself. Suddenly she found herself hitting rock bottom and nowhere to run. Then, she found Gamblers Anonymous and it saved her life.

Through the grace of God, Mary Ann showed so much courage and inner strength that an ordinary woman would have buckled, but she came out of it with ultimate victory.

She is the author of: Hi, My Name is Mary Ann and the sequel Remember Me. Both novels are real life non-fiction stories about Mary Ann's life. She shows us how obstacles are just bumps in the road to challenge us, but we can overcome them with love.
"A Path of Misfortune Can Lead To A Road of Success".

Mary Ann Barrucco is one of the longest woman members of Gamblers Anonymous in the New York area of 24 years. She is also a member Who's Who of American woman, and the Woman's Radio Show with KC Armstrong named her as "Inspirational Woman Of The Year 2015".