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Margot Esther Borden
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I would like to be interviewed on my work as an integral psychotherapist and on my forthcoming book Psychology in the Light of the East:

How can we realize our full potential? Is the answer found in the scientific approach and rigor of Western psychology or in the esoteric wisdom of the East? The answer lies somewhere in between.

This book offers a comprehensive view of existing schools and further possibilities for psycho-spiritual development. Students and practitioners of psychology will find useful perspectives and resources for development and practice of an integral approach. Those seeking self-discovery and healing will gain a deep, holistic understanding, enabling them to choose a method and a practitioner to walk alongside them.

Ultimately this is the story of the author’s search for truth—from the evolution of psycho-spiritual beliefs in East and West, to her own psychological development, spiritual growth, research and thirty years of clinical practice accompanying individuals in their quest. Margot Borden realized that the general perception and corresponding approaches to psychology were too limited. In some cases the full human element was missing and, in others, the spiritual. Eastern and Western models of Integral Psychology close this gap, offering wonderful and limitless possibilities.

Psychology in the Light of the East conveys a vision of human potential and psychology that transcends the borders of East and West and opens the scope for a multi-dimensional, pluri-disciplinary and inclusive theory and practice for psychology. The reader is invited to go beyond current psychological scopes of treating symptoms or simple well-being, toward an invitation and means for transformation from ego to soul-consciousness.


Margot Esther Borden is a psychotherapist, coach and author. Her publications include: Spirituality and Business: Exploring Possibilities for a New Management Paradigm (Springer, 2010) and Psychology in the Light of the East (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). Her work is based on a practical and non-denominational understanding of spirituality which opens doors and invites others to deep healing and a life of congruence, meaning and fulfillment for people, organizations and the planet. Margot is based in Mumbai and consults on Skype and in-person in India, Europe and the U.S.