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Lori Jean Finnila
Your Pitch

Lori is singer and songwriter healing with natural methods from an autoimmune disease, high cholesterol, and head trauma. She uses music, nutrition, yoga, and supplements. She's found a lot of help using these methods in improving her health and even healing she believes. She continues to evolve her methods as her status changes and incorporates more as she constantly finds new methods randomly and through research. She shares the information that she feels is valuable on a regular basis socially on the internet and at a food blog she's created.

Singer Songwriter

Lori has loved rock n roll as a kid as well as our favorite top 40 hits. She's mesmerized by music which has helped her head trauma. The beats of music keep her head functioning as well as the singing that she does help keep oxygen in her head. She feel she wouldn't be as well without her music. Others feel the same as her liking to her music where she's played worldwide on the internet and in terrestrial radio. She loves sharing her natural methods to healing and would love to help others as much as possible with the knowledge she's learned. She's a highly acclimated writer including 1 award, 1 special mentions, and 1 nomination in music and screenwriting. She is also a member of the prestigious Sigma Tau Delta English Society as well as awarded membership to The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She produces and markets her own music and videos.

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