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Kara Johnstad
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I will discuss the voice in all its power, wisdom and love – the carrier of frequencies and encoded thoughtforms and our channel with source energy. 

As a top voice expert I  have helped thousands with my "breakthrough" voice techniques to lose all fear and open their voices in a record amount of time and heal through heart coherence. Align your voice with source and tap into a huge abundant energy field. 

Feel free to contact me and learn more about the many dimensions of Voice Empowerment and my work as a transformational Singer-Songwriter. Songs include Message of Hope, Love Never Fails, Thank You, Spirit Walk and We Have a Choice. 

Possible Show Themes. 

Your Voice as A Magnet to Success

The Secret behind Letters

Tone Your Way to Better Health

Are You Someone Who Can Talk But Not Sing?

Moving from Depression to Expression 

Giving Birth To Your Message

How to Lose Your Fear of Public Speaking 

Failure Vs. Defeat - what you should know as an artist

Forgiveness Reclaiming Your Creative Power 

How Can Music Play a Key Role in World Peace

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Voice the Power of One

The Voice Vortex Energy Field 

Create Your Own Mantra

How to Turn a Good Story Into a Song

Voice Visionary - Singer-Songwriter - Mentor to Voices Changing Our World

 Kara Johnstad is known as a Voice-Visionary, Singer-Songwriter and Mentor to Voices Changing Our World. 

As a top voice expert Kara has helped thousands with her "breakthrough" voice techniques to open their voices in a record amount of time, and shares with us the secrets behind this powerful instrument. Spreading love, healing and joy, inner peace and beauty through the power of words, music and voice.

Kara Johnstad is a storyteller, lover of words and symbols and gifted sound healer. Kara works through sound resonance to open our hearts and voices. A singer, composer and voice expert, Kara's life’s work is an ongoing inquiry into the Sacred Mystery. In 2009 she had a powerful spiritual awakening that redefined her path. She immediately dropped all projects that were not in alignment with the messages she had been given and put her focus 100 percent on her original compositions and writings and transforming our world through the power of voice.

Kara Johnstad is available for keynote concerts, private coaching sessions in person and online, workshops and for interviews focused on the profound influence our voice has in changing our personal life and world for the better.

An advocate for change in ways that heighten the human spirit, Kara is founder of Voice Your Essence™, a lifestyle community and home to her over 100 published songs, 5 albums, voice empowerment training programs, podcasts, articles and sheet music. Her published work includes the anthems, Message of Hope, Love Never Fails and Thank You. Kara’s mission is to help our world understand the role our voice plays in fine tuning our body-mind-spirit system.

At this time in the evolution of mankind, we need the messages of creative conscious leaders and agents of change to be heard. Awaken your voice to live your essence, truth and beauty. Kara's 'Voice Your Essence™ programs empower and transform you as a conscious independent creative, reconnect you to your voice as the missing link to personal power, authenticity and presence. The Voice Your Essence™ lifestyle & coaching company is committed to growth and empowerment of spiritual leaders, luminaries, creative conscious entrepreneurs and independent artists who sense that their voice is the missing link to personal power, authenticity and presence.

 Kara has lectured at the prestigious University of Music in Berlin “Hanns Eisler” as a member of the voice faculty, teaches at the University of Popular Arts and the Landesmusikakademie in Berlin and runs a successful private voice studio since 1985. She has performed on all five continents and holds masterclasses and workshops internationally and is on the expert panel at OM Times Media. 

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