Guest Name, Judge Michael Sage Hider

Judge Michael Sage Hider
Judge Michael Sage Hider (Retired)
Retired Superior Court Judge turned Motivational Speaker

I am Michael Sage Hider. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati (OH) with a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering. Having been in the Air Force ROTC Program, I was commissioned into the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. I was selected as part of a very elite group of engineers to participate in underground nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site, performing tests which required the detonation of atomic bombs. After three years of active duty and some reserve time, I was Honorably Discharge from the Air Force with the rank of Captain I entered the Seminary for a period of time where I delved into the matters of Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Latin, and Greek. It was during this scrutiny that I conceived of the concept of shaping one’s life by what I call Good Life Truths, an integral component of the discipline of possessing Enduring Peace of Mind, the greatest treasure in the world. After leaving the Seminary, I enrolled into the Master of Arts Program at the University of Toledo (OH), where I majored in Philosophy with a strong minor in Psychology. From these studies evolved the technique I call, “The Art of Thought Dwelling to Obtain and Maintain Enduring Peace of Mind.” Based on that effort, I was awarded an M.S. Degree in Philosophy with a strong minor in Psychology, graduating at the top of my class, with honors. Seeking more personal freedom, I entered Law School at Santa Clara University (CA). I graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in Law. After being a very successful trial attorney for eleven years, I ran for and was elected a California Superior Court Judge. During my tenure as a California Superior Court Judge, I presided over a plethora of murder cases, medical malpractice cases, legal malpractice cases, large personal injury cases, multimillion dollar breach of contract suits, etc. On several occasions, I was elected by my peers as Presiding Judge of the Court. I also received numerous other awards and honors including being selected as the 2010 Judicial Officer of the Year by the Southwest Riverside County Bar Association, an award I very much cherish. It was during my tenure as a judge, and using many anecdotes from the courtroom that I authored my highly acclaimed book, “Spiritual Healing-Making Peace with Your Past,” now in its second printing by Tate Publishing. After thirty years on the Bench, I recently retired and now spend my time as a sought-after motivational speaker throughout California and Arizona, promoting my book which clearly sets forth the principle of “The Art of Thought Dwelling to Obtain and Maintain Enduring Peace of Mind.” My presentations and my book have assisted innumerable lost and troubled souls, those crushed by life’s vicissitudes, to obtain and maintain Enduring Peace of Mind. I provide Healing Steps for those people who are agonizing over what that despicable person did to them, the stupid things they did for which they cannot forgive themselves, and what Fate did to them. I very much delight in observing these people return from a state of pain to a state of total contentment, serenity, and Enduring Peace of Mind.

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