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Johanna Bassols
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I am passionate about metaphysics, DNA activation, levels of the mind,  frequency, frequency words, life after death, reprogramming, dowsing and elevating consciousness. I am not a medium, but I communicate to higher beings at any time, including masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Buddha or Angels of Light.


She is the author of the Soul Reprogramming Method and founder of the Healers of the Light Academy. Her curiosity for metaphysics since her early childhood, took her in many interesting introspective searches of the truth behind what is apparent.

At 12 years old, she was performing past life regressions, hypnosis and astral projections to her friends and relatives, teaching other children her age what she was found and passionate for. Being misunderstood by most in her immediate circle including her parents, she decided to take this search inwards for many years.

She studied Public Law at the Pontificida Universidad Catolica del Peru, and runs a successful real estate brokerage in Miami Beach, Florida.

After more than 25 years researching in metaphysics, frequencies, healing methods and other applied sciences. At the age of 35, she received her own DNA activation and download of information, spontaneously. This is when she started teaching her signature class: The Soul Reprogramming Method, a class taught by DNA activation, where she teaches how to reset and update the entire human operating system with the aid of metaphysical elements.

This understanding of metaphysical elements, opened many doors to explore various levels of consciousness and mental levels of the Universal mind.

She is an expert in the use of frequency words to trigger mental states and connect to various multi-dimensional elements and beings.

She is also an advocate for the practical application of metaphysical healing, and the elevation of the collective consciousness.



Adena Bannick

26 June 2017

I have been reading, and working ( but in a clinical capacity) on all of those things for 40 years.  Everything you have done is fascinating. I would love to both learn from you, and have you as a guest on my show here at BBSRadio. Growing up indigo. I will contact you shortly, thank you for submitting you information, Adena Bannick

Johanna Bassols

26 June 2017

In reply to by Adena Bannick

Adena, I would be glad to ge a guest of your show. Our show airs on July 6th at 4pm PST, 7pm EST. We will be talking about DNA activation, and offering short consultations over Skype video, because I need to enter in contact with the person in order to offer any kind of reprogramming. A full reprogramming could take about 15 hours of work, so we will be working with one aspect of the mind that can be healed individually, the limiting ideas. Also we will be answering questions to those guest about their life purpose and frequency of their main program.