Guest Name, Jerilyn Champion

Jerilyn Champion
Mixed-race, family, faith-based, Christian, poetry, rhyme, art, health, anti-aging, children's books

I am an author, writer, and painter of presently 5 books.  I  am working on the 6th and 7th books.  

I was born in 1948 in Los Angeles, CA.  I always loved painting and writing--even as a child.  As I grew up, I studied art finishing up at UCLA in 1970.   I also took additional classes at Art Center and Trade Tech.  

I was married in 1974.  I had an inter-racial marriage and my son came along in 1975.  Even as a young teenager, I had a premonition that I may have a mixed-marriage.  My artwork at that time reflected multi-racial subjects.  Interestingly also my first baby doll was black.  Back in the 70's this was very controversial.  My first book published in 2016 is a memoir of my life-I started it in 1982 and thought I was done!  But I wasn't!  I worked in the cosmetics field while raising my son.  I am also a make-up artist.  In 1997, I had a life-changing event of nearly dying, by being hit by a car walking across the street.  

I recount this in my first book in Chapter 23, pages 91-92.  In this chapter there is a gut-wrenching account of the incident and an illustration describing leaving my body, watching the crash and talking to an angel on the other side!  

All of my books are faith-based.  I survived the accident by God's Grace.

He restored my leg and shoulder.  I can paint and write!  In 2010, I had to retire early from my usual work.  At that point, I began veraciously writing and publishing.

The words flow thru me onto the page.  I write in rhyme most of the time from a higher inspration.

My upcoming books are an allegorical fairytale originally I wrote in 1971.  

The 7th book is health and anti-aging secrets revealed!

I am investigating more diverse genres to suit and appreal to even more audiences.  

I presently have 40 plus notebooks full of material with new wisdom coming thru daily.  There is so much to share.  I have found that people who resonate with my work have a very emotional, strong reaction to it.  Some people cry and some have been known to quote passages from my books.  

I am in a season of great creativity and productivity.  I wiould just like to be able to share the great lessons from my life with others.  Perhaps in order for them to have an easier time with their life's journey.  Many blessing have come from a life of curious and diligent seeking.  

Love, Jerilyn 

United States
insirational author, faith-based, mixed race, anti-aging