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Jeremy Feig
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Dear Producer,

An entertaining guest on All Paws Pet Talk Radio would be Jeremy Feig, author of humorous men's self-help guide How My Cat Made Me a Better Man (July 1, 2016, MSI Press).

After graduating college, Feig was underemployed, lonely and living a meager existence. His female cat, Shelly, on the other hand, appeared to thrive despite life’s challenges. Shelly clearly possessed wisdom that eluded her human companion. This epiphany prompted Feig to closely study Shelly and to emulate her feline ways. In doing so, he not only learned how to live a good life, but how to be a better man.​

Jeremy Feig is a humor writer and self-help ailurophile who can:

*explain why cats are better mentors to humans than dogs

*share personal stories that illustrate Shelly’s “cat lessons” on practicing persistence, conquering fears and reducing stress

*discuss ways in which to overcome roadblocks to person growth by answering the question What Would Cats Do? (WWCD)

*offer dating and romance advice using Shelly’s “love affair” with Turtle (her stuffed animal soulmate) as a relationship model

*explore how living the playful and self-serving lifestyle of cats can create happier humans

If interested in scheduling an interview with Jeremy Feig, then please contact me at your earliest convenience to coordinate.

Thank you for your consideration.

​Liz Donatelli
Liz D Publicity & Promotions
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Humor Author of Guy's Self-Help Guide HOW MY CAT MADE ME A BETTER MAN

Author Bio:

Jeremy Feig is originally from a small town in slightly upstate New York. After graduating from New Paltz College, he moved to Los Angeles for TV and film production work before stumbling into a career in digital marketing. Jeremy spends much of his time working on creative projects, usually involving comedy. He's written numerous screenplays and TV scripts, created original cartoons, and directed quirky short films. Jeremy lives in Santa Monica with his wife, young daughter, and large cat.

United States