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Jean Jacques Ranger
Your Pitch

CHILDREN, PARENTS & FAMILIES alike who are being VICTIMIZED at WARP SPEED - this by AKA State Party Social Services agencies << CPS = CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES - YOUTH PROTECTION / - FOSTER CARE NETWORKS >> - who ARBITRARILY and FORCEFULLY RECRUIT innocent, vulnerable and helpless children into their NETWORKS / SYSTEMS ... this for the purpose of EXPLOITING these CHILDREN.


Such actions are clearly << CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & in fact appear to resemble state party backed and openly run semi-sophisticated modern day HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCHEMES >> - which acts have equally been permitted to ESCALATE IN NATURE & OCCURRENCE ..... this mostly due to the endless FUNDS & RESOURCES used on EXTENSIVE & LARGE SCALE COVER-UPS of the latter mentioned - this by the same LAWLESS, RECKLESS & DANGEROUS CPS - Foster Care agencies who perpetrate these UNSPEAKABLE ACTS .