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Jane Tabachnick
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New York City Metropolitan Area

Jane loved designing clothes. With each new collection she was expected to tell a memorable story. As a designer/entrepreneur, a part of her role was to pitch that story, engage the media and score some publicity for our design house. The clothes told a visual story, and the media wanted a story told to them with words that they could share with their audience.

Over time, she realized that she enjoyed the story telling more than fashion, though she’ll always be a sucker for a great print or fun accessory.

Since leaving the fashion business, Jane has been helping other entrepreneurs and brands tell their stories more successfully – for greater visibility, thought leadership and more profits.

Today, Jane and her team have successfully helped their clients drive more revenue, attract top-tier clients and partners, and get featured in:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Newsday
  • Crain's
  • CNN
  • The New York Times
  • Travel Weekly
  • Forbes
  • Mercury News
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